Two years!

5 06 2007

This morning I got up early to prepare pancakes for my sweetie, as it is our two year anniversary! He was treated to a breakfast in bed (first time!) with newly made pancakes, smoked salmon and fresh strawberries (my father’s comment: “what a strange combination”… I think that he was just jealous!). Tonight we are celebrating in an Argentinean restaurant called Mi-tango, it’s a really cosy place just behind my office. I used to go there a lot a few years ago, but then I forgot about it – somehow I go through phases of liking different restaurants, it’s the same with cooking and favourite recipes. Tonight is a perfect occasion to re-discover this place!

O and I met two years ago at a Eurovision Party, organised by some young stagiaires (interns at the European Institutions) who lived in a huge apartment by Place Jourdan (the square with the classic friterie called La Maison Antoine and the night-open bakery Au Vatel). We were introduced by a mutual Irish friend – Mary T, and the funny thing was that all my other girlfriends knew Oscar already and everybody just assumed that we had met before, but somehow we had missed meeting! At the end of the evening, he offered to drive me home (plus a few of the other girls, a true gentleman) and I bought him a pain au chocolat from the bakery. I discovered two things that night: he had a Saab (let me tell you, in Sweden there are two kinds of families – the Volvo families and the Saab families. I have never seen a family with both cars.. and my family is a Saab family – my parents, my brother, my grandfather all drive Saabs, the neighbours drive Volvos.. I have to admit that I don’t really care, but my father does!) and he lived practically on my street! Good signs…

The next day we had TWO dates (what does The Rules say about that? A big no-no, but they are silly anyway), the first one in the afternoon which was a walk and the second one was in the evening visiting the Euroferia, a festival organised by the Andalusian community in Brussels every spring, where we ate churros con chocolate (deep-fried sticks of dough, dipped in thick hot chocolate, typical Spanish breakfast – not very healthy). In the course of the next two weeks we had another 3-4 dates including one having lunch in Ikea (meatballs of course – O loves Ikea!!) and doing our supermarket shopping! The first kiss took place on the 5th June 2005 after eating pancakes (hence the choice of breakfast this morning)!

O is the most wonderful person I have ever met, and he was best described by a [male] friend of mine: he’s considerate and caring, and not just with me, but towards everybody. And, he talks at least as much as I do, if not even more!!




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5 06 2007

Härlig läsning! Jättekul höra mer detaljer om hur ni träffades och blev ett par. Du har ju kort berättat tidigare ni möttes på ett Eurovision party, men nu kom det mer efterlängtade detaljer.

Måste annars instämma i det där med konstig kombination för frukostvalet. Hmmm, förvisso goda saker var för sig så varför inte tillsammans 🙂 Kanske kan funka…

Jag fungerar förresten också sådär, gillar jag en restaurang (eller maträtt) så vill jag gå dit hela tiden, men sen tröttnar man/glömmer bort för att senare igen återupptäcka den där pärlan.

Det där med Saab och Volvo är ju så sant så sant. Maken M är en riktig Saab-kille. Men här i USA blev det iaf en Volvo, det var slumpen och det råkade sig så. Gör inte så mycket, här känns det plötsligt viktigaste att antingen ha Volvo eller Saab. En annan intressant sak jag märkt är att Volvo och Saab verkar vända sig till helt andra konsumentgrupper här än i Sverige, här verkar Volvo och Saab vara mer lite av lyxmärken. I alla fall lite mer “extra” och inte den där Svenssonstämpeln som i Sverige.

6 06 2007
Mary T

Happy Anniversary!! Have a great night at mi-tango, love that place!

7 06 2007

Anne, vi åt naturligtvis inte jordgubbarna med laxen! När vi äter pannkakor så brukar vi äta hälften med Philadelphia gräslökssmak (eller ngn annan färskost) och rökt lax, det är jättegott, och hälften med söt fyllning som tex jordgubbar eller sylt!
Det som är bra med svenska bilar är ju att de är relativt säkra, sedan kvittar det väl egentligen om det är Saab eller Volvo!

7 06 2007

Thanks Mary T! We spoke about you while at Mi-tango, O said that he had been there a few times with you and Katrin when you lived on Rue du Spa.

18 05 2009
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