Busy times ahead…

10 06 2007

It’s been a busy Sunday, I’m taking a break now infront of the TV (final in the French Open, I cheer for Federer) while O went to wash the car. We’ve been cleaning the apartment for the last hours, and we still have to mop the floors, organise the piles of papers on the dining table etc…

Tomorrow my Austrian friend T is coming from New York, he’ll be staying with us for the next two weeks and as he is moving to Brussels in August, he’s hoping to take over our apartment when we eventually move. So, the place needs to look clean and welcoming!

On Friday we have another five friends plus a baby coming to stay with us; my best friend Å & her son H (14 months – I’ve been trying to child-proof our home…it’s not easy!), my old neighbour from home O who is now married to H and living in Oslo (after Geneva, Pakistan & Tanzania), R – the coolest Dutchman and his Australian girlfriend A who we haven’t met yet. The reason for the visitors is the wedding of our Flemish friends S & S in Antwerp on Saturday. It will be a real reunion with lots of friends from the master’s programme, I can’t wait!

And on Sunday morning we head to the Caribbean for a week of house-hunting in Puerto Rico! You can probably imagine how excited I am to finally get to see where we are supposed to live for 1,5 years… [I’m almost equally excited to travel business class for the first time in my life, O just laughs at me!] I am also looking forward to meeting up with Britta, with whom I so far have only been in contact via emails and the blogs. O already met her when he was over in PR after Easter, he thought that it was a little strange to speak Spanish to a Swedish girl, I think it was the first time that happened to him (I hope that O & I will be able to do that too one day!).

The same day we come back from Puerto Rico, O’s brother C and his German girlfriend G are arriving from Spain by car on their way to Stockholm where G works nowadays. And then my parents are planning to come on a last visit to Brussels (to fill up on cheese & wine!).

I love it when I have friends & family visiting, so I am definitely not complaining – it will be fun.




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25 05 2010
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