17 06 2007

We are currently sitting in the business lounge at Zaventem, Brussels airport, when we should have been half way across the Atlantic by now. Grrr… especially as we went to bed at 03 and up again at 07, if somebody had informed us that the flight would be 4 hours delayed, we could have slept a bit longer!

Apparently one of the run-ways at JFK is closed for reparations and that is why the AA flights from Brussels to JFK have been delayed all week. However, thanks to the European Commission (we are good for something in Brussels) travellers now have the right to a little compensation when delayed so we got 16 EUR each in form of food vouchers and we just had a combined breakfast/lunch (as we didn’t have time to eat before leaving home) for free in the airport canteen. It was actually not bad but the annoying thing is that in the non-Schengen terminal, all the restaurants are outside the security check and the gates and business lounges are inside… So, we have now been through the security check twice and something weird happened – O’s belt beeped the second time but not the first time! I guess that really proves that they set every security arc (or whatever you call them) at different levels of sensitivity. Lately my bra has tended to make me beep here at Brussels airport, which never used to happen before – and it didn’t happen today. Straaange!

So, yes, my second time in a business lounge – my impressions? Not too impressed, there are four computers, no free wire-less, no fruit, but ok coffee and drinks. This morning when we arrived they were offering pains au chocolat and croissants but they were removed already at 9-9.30. The chairs are not very comfortable, in Copenhagen you have these lounge style chairs that are really relaxing (and that’s not even in the business lounges), here you can only sit straight up (I’m tired!!). In other words, nothing special – except for the free coffee & drinks (and the free internet when I finally got access to a computer!).

Of course we are going to miss our flight in New York but that’s just as well as we probably would have done that anyway (or would have had to stress through immigration, customs, change terminal etc in 1h15)… let’s hope that we make it to the next flight to San Juan. The pity is that we won’t arrive until 23.25 and we won’t be able to meet up with Britta and her husband as planned – hopefully another evening this week!

The wedding yesterday was great, but I will write about that in a separate post… I have had complaints (from my dear brother) that my posts are scaringly long!

Now I’ll get back to reading my magazines – my friend Å brought me Eurowoman from Copenhagen (a Danish magazine – and Euroman came for free with it, too bad O doesn’t read Danish or Swedish for that matter!), and I bought När och fjärran and Plaza Kvinna (both magazines have Swedish themes this month) in the Swedish/British shop in Brussels on Friday.

We can board in one hour…




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