and even more delays…

19 06 2007

The trip across the Atlantic to the Caribbean turned out to be a real nightmare – it took us 24 hours and it’s not over yet as we still don’t have our luggage!

When we finally boarded the plane to JFK, and eventually departed after a FIVE hour delay, it was a smooth journey. I managed to sleep a little as well, the seats are definitely comfortable in business class, and the food was great! Even saw quite a good film (thriller) called Zodiac with Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards (Dr Green in ER, wearing a bad wig) and Robert Downey JR.

However, at JFK the troubles continued, even though immigration was painless. Our luggage didn’t arrive for 1,5 hours and when we finally arrived to the next terminal after re-checking our luggage and going through another security check, we were told that our flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico was delayed and the business lounge was outside the security area! I refused to go back (having to take off my shoes again!) so we sat at the gate, tired and complaining about the horrible, crappy airport – frankly, JFK, at least what we saw, was awful! Old, dirty and depressing! Considering that it is the main airport for New York, and especially in comparison to European airports such as Brussels, Charles De Gaulle in Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen…

In the end we shouldn’t have complained about sitting at the gate, because we ended up sitting almost THREE hours in the plane before we took off! The reason was said to be loading the luggage – interesting enough since our luggage didn’t arrive with us to Puerto Rico!!

Arriving to San Juan airport at 02 in the morning, tired, sweaty and without our luggage we could only laugh at the whole experience… At least our hotel room at the Marriott Resort in Condado turned out to be lovely and with a partial ocean view. A 24-hour open Walgreens  next door allowed me to buy some clean underwear and socks!




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20 06 2007

Fy fasen vilken mardrömsresa, hoppas flygresan tillbaka till Europa går enklare… Intressant höra JFK var en så ofräsch flygplats, har aldrig varit där men som du säger skulle man nog förvänta sig den skulle vara hyfsat ok.
Usch, jag fasar redan nu för min egen lååånga flygresa till Sverige i USA.
Suveränt med dygnet runt öppen Wahlgreens, räddaren i nöden när bagaget inte kommit.

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