The short list

21 06 2007

Our third day of house-hunting and we have a new short list, all of them in the Condado area. Before today we were still considering apartments in Isla Verde, but yesterday evening we drove through the area to see how it was by night and frankly, we don’t like it too much. 

  • Isla Verde has an amazing beach, but there are not a lot of services such as shops, cafés and restaurants and the neighbourhood consists mostly of big condominiums along the beach and a strip (road) along the motorway. It doesn’t invite for walks, especially in the evening. I can’t imagine living in a place where I would have to take the car to go anywhere, and I think that I would feel very isolated there.
  • Condado on the other hand doesn’t have such a beautiful beach, even though the beach is better than anything you would see in Belgium (and let’s face it, Brussels doesn’t have one anyway). However, it has a more town-like feel where you can go for walks, have a coffee in a café etc. So Condado it is:  

Apartment with beach access, and a small terrace. The kitchen is dated, but the bathrooms are fresh. Two bedrooms; one master bedroom and one with twin beds plus a sofa bed. The furniture was ok, but there were no comfortable sofas inviting for lounging infront of the TV. However, it had a huge entertainment centre with two dvd-players, surround sound system etc.

Apartment close to the beach (two buildings away but still sea view) but just a tiny terrace in the back. This apartment was wonderful though, a real luxurious home with marble floors, a fully equipped kitchen with all kinds of appliances and jacuzzi in the master bedroom (according to O, I don’t remember!). Three bedrooms which is great for all our guests that we hope will be coming 😉

Apartment close to the highway, 3-4 blocks from the beach with a small terrace and a pool. The place was very fresh looking, nice new kitchen and ok furniture. Unfortunately it is very close to the busy road.

Our dilemma has been to choose; beach access or pool? We just took a walk on the beach and looked again at the building where the 2nd apartment is as well as having reviewed the photos I have taken of the different places…

And the 1st choice is the luxurious 2nd apartment, especially knowing that normally it would be out of our price range but apparently the owner is interested in renting it to a responsible couple like ourselves and has lowered the rent for us!




5 responses

21 06 2007

Hejsan, great blog, it’s really nice to read about your adventures in the Caribbean. Sorry your trip there was such a hassle, but at least you’re enjoying the luxury of corporate expatriation now! I hope you’ ll find the home of your dreams. Can you post some pics of the beaches and surroundings ? Take good care & have fun ! Give O my best.
PS : I laughed my heart out reading your comments on the different weddings you’ve been to, especially your comments on my foie gras addiction.

21 06 2007
Mary T

Go for the second one, you CAN’T live close to a motorway, the noise would drive you demented. I love the sound of the marble floors in the second one and the three bedrooms would be great (me and Brendan have a lot of luggage!) 😉

21 06 2007
Mary T

Oh and you should put pictures up!

21 06 2007

Thanks guys! I will, I promise! We are going back today to take photos of EVERY angle! It will be great to have three bedrooms and three bathrooms (maybe one too much, I don’t want to spend my days cleaning..).
Mehdi, are you getting your foie gras allowance in Dubai? Happy that you liked the wedding stories.

21 06 2007

Låter härligt, fast jacuzzi är ju “onödigt” egentligen, men man kan ju inte “få” allt….
Terass – “baksidan”?? facing vad?? Bakgård eller vad??
Lycka till!

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