My 5th birthday…

11 07 2007

On Monday I celebrated my 5th birthday in Brussels, it could have been my 6th but in 2005 I went home to Sweden for my biggest birthday party ever. I am known among my friends as the one with a really good memory and once I tried to remember what I had done on EVERY birthday – but it gets harder and harder for every year… But, I do remember some fun ones:

  • My 5th birthday when I got a doll house! Maybe it was the same year that I completely misbehaved during my party, I got really cranky when I didn’t win a game and my mother told me that she would never organise a party for me again…  
  • My 12th birthday – I got a PINK Crescent bike, three speeds and do you know what, I still have it – unfortunately not in Brussels, but at my parents’ home. It really is the best bike I have ever had, even if I was a bit disappointed when I was in my early teens that it didn’t have the curved handle bars that the real cyclists have (we called them bockastyre in our local dialect) and that I had a foot brake – not cool at all!
  • My 17th birthday which I celebrated in Toronto with my friend L – we went on a three week trip to Canada, staying with friends of my family – first in Toronto and then in a small university town called Guelph in Ontario. It was our first trip alone abroad and we had so much fun, shopping at the Eaton Centre (I heard that it has changed names since then), visiting the Ice hockey Hall of fame (we were sooo disappointed that we were there outside the hockey season), trying to understand baseball at the Sky Dome cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays, travelling by bus to the Niagara Falls and watching Romeo & Juliet at the Shakespeare festival in Stratford.
  • My 22nd birthday on a plane between Copenhagen and Singapore on our way to Australia! My parents told the crew and they sang for me and gave me champagne! Once in Singapore we had cocktails at the hotel and I chose a mai tai (I used to think it was my tie). My birthday present from my parents was waiting for me at home – a vaccum cleaner – how exciting…
  • My 25th 26th birthday in Padova, Italy – just a few days before our master’s theses were due but I refused to work that day! In the evening we had Chinese food as my Danish flatmate had decided that we couldn’t eat Italian AGAIN! It was the first time eating Chinese for some of our Italian friends (can you imagine being over 20 and never having eaten Chinese, oh well…)! We were 1 Swede, 1 Dane, 1 Finn, 2 Romanians and 2 Italians, and we drank home-made Limoncello with the fried bananas (trying to be discreet drinking the alcohol we had brought to the restaurant…).
  • My 30th birthday party deserves its own post as it was such a great weekend with friends coming from all over Europe (12 nationalities in all) and such lovely weather – 30 degrees and even the Sicilians swam in the Baltic!

Well, I guess you stop counting at 30…. but I had a very nice time on Monday, especially as my parents were still here and they got to meet some of my friends here in Brussels. The celebrations continued yesterday when O took me out for dinner at the Belga Queen – a very nice restaurant!




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11 07 2007

Stort grattis i efterskott. Du verkar verkligen ha ett mycket bra minne som minns så många födelsedagar i detalj. Ha en bra dag.

12 07 2007

Grattis i efterskott även från mig! Jag är impad att du kan minnas dina födelsedagar så bra. Den där rosa cykeln, den är defintivt en keeper. Vad roligt den fortfarande finns kvar. Nu blev jag ju nyfiken på att höra om den 30-årsdag, så vore kul läsa ett eget inlägg om den!

12 07 2007

Grattis i efterskott! 30 ar en stor fodelsedag!! Later som du hade en rolig dag sa jag ser fram emot att lasa om den!! 🙂

12 07 2007
Mary T

Happy Birthday again! This year I’ll spend my 1st birthday in 5 years in Ireland! My last one was when I was 19, 20 and 21 were in Brussels, 22 in Philippines, 23 in Brussels, 24 in New York so this year I’m having a little party as it’s just a couple of weeks before I leave for Australia! Still so disappointed that I missed swimming in the Baltic the day of your 30th because of stupid Maersk Air losing my luggage!

12 07 2007

Tack för alla grattishälsningarna, jag lovar att skriva om min stora 30-års fest snart. Men först måste jag ju skriva om min resa till Schweiz förra veckan!

12 07 2007

Mary T, that’s great to combine a birthday & a farewell party!
You will just have to come back to Sweden another time and swim in the Baltic, I can’t promise that it will be as hot though..

25 07 2007

Inte för att vara “petchig” men du fyllde inte 25 i Padova – jag kommer ihåg vår gemensamma 50 års fest som om det var igår och det var långt före vi blev seriösa med “thesis”-skrivande och Master-degrees. Kram, Åsa

25 07 2007

Ha ha, du har rätt så klart – jag fyllde 26! Borde ju så klart ha nämnt vår 50-års fest i Lund, med hur många tårtor var det? Och fler personer än kvadratmeter…

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