Summer’s back!?

13 07 2007

When my colleague A told me this morning that it would be 25 degrees and sun by midday, I didn’t really believe her, especially as I had just walked to work in a light drizzle…

However, coming out from Casa Mia (not Mamma Mia as a friend keeps calling it, one of my favourite lunch restaurants close to my office) with my Spanish ex-boss A after lunch, the sun was actually shining and it was all of a sudden hot! Wow, maybe there is hope for this summer after all? We’ve been promised temperatures between 25-30 degrees this weekend which would be perfect as tomorrow is the housewarming-BBQ-party of our friend R who has just bought a house (with a garden!) outside of Brussels.

The holiday season has officially started, I am responsible for watering the plants in all the [two] Swedish households in the neighbourhood! This week three couples have driven/are driving to Sweden – first it was my parents, then O’s brother C & his German girlfriend G (they stayed with us on Wednesday night) and today our Swedish friend P and his Cypriot girlfriend M (they have the same names as my parents actually, I told them that it guarantees a long & happy relationship [it is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary today!]). I’m a little jealous, O and I had such a nice holiday in Sweden last July but this year we won’t be able to go together due of the impending move…

It’s the perfect weather for a drink in the sun on Place Luxembourg, together with all the other expats and Eurocrats… but I think that I prefer sitting at home (unfortunately inside as we don’t have a balcony) listening to some Swedish traditional music (Sverigeboxen, a 3 cd compilation that my brother & sister gave me for my birthday) and wait for my sweetie to come home. It’s been such a hectic few weeks that it is nice to just relax at home.




2 responses

14 07 2007

Hoppas det härliga sommarvädret håller i sig. Ha en riktigt skön kväll.

14 07 2007

Tack så mycket, ha en trevlig helg. Solen skiner även idag lördag och min käre O vill åka till Ikea för att shoppa lite grejor inför flytten – han är en Ikea-addict 😉 men sedan ska vi åka ut till vår kompis för BBQ i trädgården.

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