My oldest reader?

18 07 2007

I’m so proud, my father told me today that my grandfather who is 87 years old, is reading my blog!! My father had shown the blog to him, and now he checks it himself.

My grandfather worked as a newspaper journalist for 60 years and published his first book (fiction) at the age of 83. He also wrote three adventure novels for teenagers in the 1960’s. I read them when I was younger and I thought that they were really exciting! 

I remember when he told me, more than 7 years ago, that it was time that he got connected to the internet… We keep in touch by email now.

What is funny is that he went straight from an old heavy type-writer to a PC in 1990 – I loved that old type-writer, my brother and I used to play with it when we visited our grandparents. Well, maybe it helps that my father and my brother are both in the computer business so he always has a personal help desk (it helps me too!)…




2 responses

19 07 2007

Vilken härlig farfar du har!
Jag tog för givet det var din farfar, men det behöver det ju inte vara förstås. Svårt veta om det är morfar eller farfar när man pratar på engelska eftersom det ju heter grandfather om båda.
Vilken prestation att ge ut en bok så sent i livet, det är väldigt imponerande måste jag säga.

19 07 2007

Ha ha, japp det är farfar! Det är så mycket lättare på svenska – mor/farföräldrar, mostrar, fastrar etc, man vet alltid vem man pratar om.
Jodå, farfar är cool! Han jobbade som journalist på Sydsvenskan tills han fyllde 80 sedan ville han fortsätta att skriva så då blev det en bok!

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