The last weekend together in Brussels…

26 07 2007

O just came back from a two-day business trip to Hamburg, and he is not feeling well! Fingers crossed that it’s just something that will pass, because this will be our last weekend together in Brussels and we have so many activities planned!

I have been preparing tonight for the first farewell dinner tomorrow, with the Swedish-French contingent (5 couples, out of which two are fully Swedish, one Swedish-Cypriot, the Spanish-Swedish hosts and one French-Greek + our dear French friend C). We will have an Indian theme for the main course, and you can probably guess what we will serve – tikka masala of course! and our friend M is making tandoori chicken. There will be some Spanish jamón and chorizo to start with, and a carrot cake (I haven’t made that recipe in ages) as a dessert. A mix of different tastes and flavours, but I guess it’s a little bit like our guests and their different backgrounds 😉

On Saturday we are going to try to start get organised for the movers who come next Thursday… Decide what should be 1) taken to PR now 2) put in storage 3) kept with me until I move in October 4) getting rid of (sell, give or throw away…). It’s not an easy task but we have already quite a good overview of what we want to do with everything.

In the afternoon we are going to head to Koksijde (I had never heard of this place until Monday, my Norwegian hairdresser told me that she had heard of it for the first time yesterday – in relation to some refugees on the news!?), which is a seaside town quite close to the French border. Our Flemish friends S & I have invited us to their beach apartment, which will be a very nice way to spend the last weekend in Belgium for O.

On Sunday we might, if we have time, stop by Ypres, on our way home – it was where one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War took place and I am quite interested in visiting the town (I read quite a good book on the subject a few months ago called The First Casualty by Ben Elton – I can recommend it!). Every evening at 20.00 the traffic is halted and buglers play the Last Post at the Menin Gate, it’s a tradition which started in 1928 to commemorate the over 54,000 soldiers who lost their lives in the trenches and who were never found and buried. A friend of mine said that it is a very moving experience to see/hear.

Those are our plans for the weekend and let’s hope that we can stick to the plans… Next week we have another two farewell dinners – with the Flemish group of friends, and with O’s colleagues and boss.




4 responses

27 07 2007

Låter som ni har en härlig helg med mycket planer framför er. Hoppas att O mår bättre och orkar vara med på allt som plannerats in. Ha en riktigt trevlig helg.

28 07 2007

Mycket farväl-grejer, hoppas det blir mest roligt, positivt och ljust istället för vemodigt och ledsamt. Låter som ett mycket trevligt helgprogram, du får berätta senare hur allting förlöpte.
Hoppas O kryar på sig också!

28 07 2007

Tack så mycket för helg-hälsningarna. Jodå, det var en mycket trevlig och lyckad kväll igår, jag ska skriva om den snart!
Men så mycket disk så mycket disk – mina händer är alldeles skrynkliga!! (för en gångs skull var det jag som diskade efter en fest, O är fortfarande lite hängig) Längtar efter diskmaskinen i PR, men där lär vi inte ha så stora middagar eftersom vi inte känner så många..

31 07 2007
Mary T

Aw that’s really sad! Will you see each other at all between now and October? You are making me think of my last weekend with B which will be the first weekend of September… I should start planning it although I hate to even think about it!

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