Busy weekend, busy week

30 07 2007

The weekend was good, despite being a bit stressful. And O managed to keep up a brave face despite probable food poisoning from a buffet in Hamburg [..].

The first farewell dinner on Friday was a great success and all the guests went home with [mostly open] bottles of alcohol – a new take on the BYO (Bring Your Own alcohol)! We are trying to get rid of some of our stuff before the move.. I had prepared quite a fun quiz on general knowledge about O (his studies, his second name, his ex-girlfriend), Spain (what do you call a mix of coke and red wine – calimocho) and Puerto Rico (population, who discovered the island etc). The only question that nobody could answer was the name of the island to the west of Puerto Rico, i.e the island which Haiti and the Dominican Republic share (the answer is Hispaniola by the way).

Despite everybody warning us that there would be so much traffic on the roads to/from the coast on Saturday and especially on Sunday, we were lucky and it only took us 1,5 hours to drive to/from Koksijde. It looked actually very much like the other Belgian coastal towns that I have visited – Knocke and Oostende. Apartment blocks by the beach and a few blocks in beautiful huge houses – many of them are summerhouses – not really the small Swedish wooden cottages that I am used to! Our hosts S & I had prepared a nice aperitif and then we had dinner in a great fish restaurant – my limoncello after dinner was served in a huge, almost fish bowl-sized glass!

Yesterday we went for a nice walk in the town and admired all the houses before we headed back to Brussels to continue the packing and sorting in preparation of the move… It feels like a never-ending project but on Thursday morning at 08 it has to be done because the movers arrive! Tomorrow we have the 2nd farewell dinner with O’s American boss and colleagues from the Belgian office in a restaurant called L’Ogenblik, and on Wednesday we have the 3rd and final dinner with the Flemish friends! In other words, we don’t have that much time to get organised, and O is not even back yet tonight from a day-business-trip to France. Phew, do I sound stressed??




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31 07 2007

Låter verkligen som ni har fullt upp hela veckan. Sedan vill ni ju säkert hinna umgås med varandra lite bara ni två eftersom ni kommer att vara ifrån varandra några månader. Lycka till med packandet och sorterandet.

1 08 2007

Ca me rappelle des souvenirs…moving in the same city/country is quite stressful already, but when it is a move abroad then you have to add the never ending farewell dinners/parties/apéritifs, etc..which is almost more exhausting than the packing process…I remember ours : Cécile had spent weeks in advance getting rid of the enormous amount of needless junk and old rags , but I had to take care of the moving day. Allthough you’ve got 5 guys running around your flat packing up stuff at crazy speeds, there is still a lot to do by yourself. There are always a few things that you hadn’t thougt about. The “climax” of the whole day was when 2 of the most stupid movers in the universe decided to pull out the dishwasher without switching off the water mains. At that precise moment I was downstairs checking how they were dispatching the stuff in the container, until the team leader started shouting out of the window “Vite : Vite ! Montez !!!”..I ran up the stairs to find my kitchen & dining rooms transformed into a pond..and my neighbor yelling “why is it raining in my living room ?!!”….But I survived, eventually.

1 08 2007
Petra H

Ha ha, thanks Mehdi for making me even more stressed about the move tomorrow morning… Fortunately we don’t have a dishwasher and the washing machine is staying in the apartment!!
We are not even nearly there yet and we still have another farewell dinner tonight so I have a feeling that I won’t go to bed before 03… It is exhausting, trying to decide what to bring, what to store etc but I am looking forward to tomorrow evening when the mess should be gone.

1 08 2007
Petra H

Tack Desirée, det är ju precis det, vi vill ju hinna umgås lite också på tumanhand – det får bli torsdagkväll och måndagkväll som vi är ensamma.
Jag försöker att intala mig själv att vi kommer att ha all tid i världen när vi båda är på plats i PR för att umgås bara vi två – det får jag tänka på när O har åkt nästa tisdag… 😦

1 08 2007

Tror du att du kommer sakna Europa och mentaliteten?
Jag har inte riktigt koll på hur länge ni planerar stanna i PT, var det kanske två år? Är det tidsbundet kontrakt O har för sin transfer eller? Tror du det blir Europa igen sen eller?
Nyfiken i en strut-frågor….

2 08 2007

Anne, visst tror jag att jag kommer att sakna Europa – helt plötsligt kommer det nog att komma kommentarer som “I Europa gör vi.. si och så” medan här i Belgien blir det lätt “I Sverige är det si och så…”.
Vi ska stanna 18 månader i PR, eller rättare sagt O kommer göra det, jag kommer ju lite senare. Meningen är att vi ska komma tillbaka till Belgien efteråt eftersom O är fortfarande bunden till kontoret här men jag tror att antingen söker vi oss till Spanien eller om han får ett bra erbjudande om att flytta någonannanstans. Vi antar att företaget har någonslags plan på vad de vill att han ska göra efteråt om han gör bra ifrån sig i PR… de investerar ju mycket i honom med vår flytt, bostad etc. Det ska bli spännande att se var vi hamnar 2009!

2 08 2007

Spännande alltså, framtiden låter öppen och spännande. Fullt med möjligheter!

30 12 2007
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