Officially alone in Brussels…

8 08 2007

So, my second evening alone in Brussels and I have been exercising (spinning – I’m friends with the instructor 😉  who is my personal motivator to get in shape before the bikini-year in the Caribbean!) and soon off to dinner with the two other Swedish grass widow[ers] of the block, P & A!

O arrived late last night to San Juan, via Atlanta (longer route than via NY but cheaper according to his company that paid the ticket so not much to argue about). He didn’t get his luggage when landing in Atlanta so he thought that it had been lost somewhere across the Atlantic, but for some bizarre reason it had been checked all the way through… For the record that is very bizarre as you are always obliged to carry your luggage through American customs at the airport where you arrive on American soil, i.e in O’s case Atlanta. The flight to San Juan was a domestic flight so in the end he never went through customs with his luggage (maybe a good thing as he brought Spanish manchego cheese, Kalles kaviar (Swedish “caviar” in a tube) etc and I had been stressing about him getting stuck and detained in customs!).

Today he gets the keys to our new home in the Caribbean and tomorrow he moves in properly. I’m probably more excited than him, I’m trying to picture him in the apartment and how he will make himself at home. Fortunately I took lots of photos of every angle of the place and I have been studying every detail (maybe I’m weird?). He is also going to try to work out if the company will provide me with my own car, we thought that it wouldn’t be the case and O has been checking out the second hand market of Japanese cars (much cheaper than European ones). However, last week he received an email that was a bit vague on the car issue so fingers crossed that we don’t have to spend money on my ride! He also has to get a social security number, get a new corporate credit card, bank account etc but we have our own relocation manager who is helping him out with all that – I could have used one of those when I arrived in Brussels five years ago and had to do all the paper stuff in French!

Anyway, need to get a shower before dinner with the guys (who didn’t want to join me for the spinning, they are body-pump guys!!).

Oh and by the way, I do miss O but I’m ok – lots of friends have asked how I feel, which is very considerate but c’mon, he has only been away for little more than one day – come back in one month and ask me… And at the moment I’m looking forward to my one-week holiday in Sweden, leaving on Friday evening! 




4 responses

8 08 2007

Spännande att höra hur O tycker att det är nu när han är på plats. Skönt att du har semester snart. Ha en riktigt skön semester. Nu har det ju blivit bra väder och allt i Sverige.

8 08 2007

Precis, men man vet aldrig med det svenska sommarvädret, det kan ju slå om när som helst… 26 grader är det iaf lovat för lördag i Skåne. Hoppas på bra väder eftersom syskonen och jag har planerat att vara i sommarstugan nästa vecka.
Jag är också så nyfiken på hur O kommer att tycka när han installerat sig, får väl inte överösa honom med frågor de första dagarna. Jag tycker lite synd om honom att han är ensam därborta men han klarar det säkert och nästa vecka börjar det nya jobbet för honom.

9 08 2007

Hoppas att du får en riktigt skön semester i Sverige. Du har ju ännu inte så långt att åka som oss som bor på “andra sidan pölen”.

9 08 2007

Tack Anne-Marie, jag ska passa på att riktigt njuta av Sverige, det lär ju inte bli lika ofta nästa år.

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