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9 08 2007

I’m going home tomorrow to Sweden! Only for a week but it will be great to experience some Swedish summer (for better or worse..) and see family and friends again. I haven’t been home since March, when O and I drove to Sweden for five days (it’s around 900 km one way from Brussels to Skåne). [my trips to Stockholm don’t really count as going home even if I get my fix for Swedish shopping, seeing friends etc, but it’s just not home]

Packing is on my to-do list tonight, but somehow I keep procrastinating, listening to Ebba Grön (old Swedish punk band) & Just D (old Swedish rap band) and surfing on the internet instead. I’m quite a experienced packer nowadays, I usually travel once a month – so far this year I have been to:

  • January: Venice and Stockholm
  • March: Skåne and Amsterdam
  • April: Spain, Stockholm and Maastricht (or actually a town close by)
  • May: Stockholm (again! it’s not normal that I visit the Swedish capital so many times in one year but we were just passing through), Finland, London and Normandie
  • June: Puerto Rico
  • July: Switzerland
  • August: Skåne
    • My travel plans for the autumn before moving to Puerto Rico include: Paris to visit a French friend, and either Nice or Stockholm with a very good friend to celebrate her birthday (it’s her choice to decide the destination)… I would also like to visit an Irish friend in Italy, but we’ll have to see what I have time and money for.

Yes, I admit that I am a little spoilt but I need to point out that I didn’t stay in a hotel except for in Amsterdam & Puerto Rico (and in PR it was paid for by O’s company)! I usually stay with friends, and to the Netherlands and London I went by train – it’s very close to Brussels!

I like travelling by train, you feel the distance as my best friend and I said when we decided to take the train to the Amalfi Coast (south of Naples) from Copenhagen in 2000 with our mothers! It’s relaxing, you have a view while travelling and you can stretch your legs. Unfortunately for my fellow travellers I also sleep very well on trains, which might not always be so fun for the other person. When I was a student I travelled all over Europe by train (twice I travelled by Euroline-bus, what an awful experience!), I would put on my walkman (I never upgraded to a discman) and then I would fall asleep/slumber. Listening to music is a very efficient way to close out any kind of background noise.

However, even though I like travelling, I don’t like packing and unpacking – it’s soo boring! I’m hoping that O will do most of the unpacking over in Puerto Rico before I arrive. Hopefully they will release our stuff from US customs before end of October, but who knows!?

I will bring my computer tomorrow, I hate leaving it in my apartment as I had a burglary four years ago – and my old laptop was stolen (it was ironic, I had been away for a week and it was stolen the same day I went back to work – it’s quite common with burglaries during the day in Brussels when people work). So, that’s one thing that I need to pack, I will take advantage of the two computer experts in the family (my father & my brother work for IBM) to get it updated, virus-protection checked and the back-up done.




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9 08 2007

Ha en riktigt trevlig semester.

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