Back from Juleboda

17 08 2007

So, back in Eslöv after five days in Juleboda, our summer paradise. I need to wash my hair, read all the messages on facebook and the blogs, and organise all the piles of shopping (Swedish paperbacks, cds, dvds and clothes), dirty laundry and stuff that are surrounding me… as well as go and see my grandmother over fika, and have dinner with my Latvian sister Z & her family tonight.

My parents and I have already been “down town” (Eslöv is not that big!) to have lunch today and I managed to spend some more money in Lindex (Swedish underwear!), Expert (yet another cd with Swedish songs) and in a local clothes shop (a nice summer dress, half price!). It’s actually great as I am not going to spend much time in Europe during autumn/winter this year, I have been concentrating on the summer clothes sale and have not bothered to look at the warmer [more expensive] clothes in the shops!

I’m very pleased with my week in Sweden; I have managed to read five books (my sister was so tired of me announcing every day how many books I had read so far), spend lots of money on shopping in Lund & Kristianstad, BBQ three times, visit Café Annorlunda for the all-you-can-eat-cake-buffet, walk around Simrishamn (they have a peculiar modern lighthouse which is just two red lights on a stick!) see my friends, swim (well, maybe I didn’t really swim but at least a full-body-dip) twice in the Baltic, get a slight tan on the beach and play Scrabble!

O and I have spoken on the phone at least once a day, usually around 12 o’clock Swedish time when he has been driving to work (apparently that will be his usual starting time in PR – around 06-06.30 – scary!). He’s had quite a few problems with getting his social security number – it seems that he went too quickly to ask for one and as his arrival to the US territory had not been registered yet in the system, it meant that his request had to go via some federal immigration office and will take 3-4 weeks… This means that he can’t get a Puertorican mobile phone, landline, tv, internet connection, bank account -you name it! So far he has been calling on his Belgian mobile phone, and the company is paying…

I can’t believe that I am already going home on Sunday, but first we have a cray fish party with our neighbours tomorrow in their summer house in Rågeboda, somewhere in the deep forests of north Skåne (what we call snapphaneland).

PS. For the Swedes’ record, I read the following books this week:

  • Zlatan är Zlatan – min syster har fått för sig att jag tycker att Zlatan är snygg, vilket jag inte tycker, men jag tycker att han är lite cool och rolig! Ganska intressant bok även om jag föredrar ishockey framför fotboll. Iaf, jag fick boken i försenad födelsedagspresent av systern min.
  • Underbar och älskad av alla (och på jobbet går det också jättebra) – Martina Haag – gratisbok med tidningen Femina. Ingen höjdare tyckte jag, är inte jätteimpad av Martina men ännu mindre av Kajsa Ingemarsson (läst På det fjärde ska det ske) men det är väl svenska varianter på chick lit…
  • Mördare utan ansikte – Henning Mankell. Äntligen min första Mankell-bok, efter att franska, flamländska, italienska, tyska och holländska kompisar läst Wallander-böckerna. Ganska kul att läsa om Skåne, han nämner till och med lilla Veberöd där jag växte upp!
  • The Vanishing act of Esme Lennox – Maggie O’Farrell, boken jag hade med mig från Bryssel. Helt ok bok, lite oväntat slut så den kan jag rekommendera.
  • Blod är tjockare än vatten – Astrid Trotzig, bra bok om funderingar kring adoption och ens ursprung.



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17 08 2007

Låter som du har haft det riktigt bra. Kul att du har hunnit läsa så pass många böcker. Beklagar att din älskling hade problem med sitt social security nummer. Tyvärr händer detta ganska ofta. Det verkar vara en del av den amerikanska byråkratin som är otroligt komplex, jobbig och omständig. Vi har också vart med om vilka käppar i hjulet att inte ha ett SSN kan medföra. Men förhoppningsvis löser det sig snart för honom. Ha en skön sista helg i Sverige.

11 06 2008
Football and a Wednesday recipe for Banana pancakes « Petchie’s adventures

[…] 2) I watched the game!! Me, the anti-football girl who sulked her way through the Sweden vs Brasil World Cup semi-final in 1994, watching it with her 2 best friends outside a bar on Avenyn in Gothenburg (the bar was too full to get inside!)! Maybe I am just being so nostalgic about Europe at the moment, seeing that it is only one week until I head home, that even watching an European football game in Puerto Rico feels like home? I have to admit though that I was zapping quite wildly between E!, HGTV and ESPN… I do have my favourite football players though, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrik Larsson – they both come from my region Skåne and they are cool guys* if you ask me! And no, I don’t fancy Zlatan, as I clarified already last year when my sister gave me book about him for my birthday. […]

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