Spinning session from hell (almost!)

22 08 2007

So, my new active life has begun this week – badminton on Monday and spinning today! Trying to get fit for the Caribbean beach life…

My friend E is a great spinning instructor but today she forgot to put on the AC and I ended up on a bike that had a problem with the restistance – it was sooo heavy to bike! I thought that I was going to faint, from the heat and the heavy cycling. I actually started asking myself if I managed to get so unfit from those crisps and dip I ate in Sweden (Swedish grill chips & Holiday dip are just the best!), especially as the spinning session two weeks ago went so well… The mirror started steaming up, but finally the AC was turned on and after the session E tried my bike – she couldn’t believe that I had still managed to bike (slowly though) for an hour on that thing! At least I know that the problem wasn’t my legs!

Tomorrow I have une soiree japonaise entre filles with the French girls C & S and hopefully Swedish M… going to a Japanese restaurant.




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23 08 2007

Puh, imponerande du klarade av det under de förhållandena (ingen AC och “trasig” cykel). SPinning är ju tufft även under de mest optimala förhållanden. Besök på japansk restaurang låter trevligt!

23 08 2007

Jo, jag var ganska stolt efteråt men jag trodde verkligen att jag skulle svimma i början! Känner dock att jag börjar få in en bra teknik, kul!

29 12 2007
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