Un weekend à Paris en français

23 09 2007

I’m back from Paris and back in my old apartment! It’s weird, I don’t think that I have been away for that long before from my dear old place – 2,5 weeks! It is now T’s place, but he’s gone to The Hague on a business trip and he told me that I could stay as long as I want. I just had dinner at Pitta La Chasse, which is O’s favourite place for kebab (in Brussels people call them pittas, which for me is just the bread and I spell it pita, and I have falafel dürüm (the flat bread that you roll around the filling) anyway!) with S & I (the Flemish couple), Y & W (the French-Chinese couple, visiting from Australia) and R (Spanish Belgian).

So, how was Paris? Just lovely! My friend S and I were visiting our friend C – the background is that S and C are two of my [many] French former colleagues from the European Commission Secretariat General where I worked for 2,5 years (2002-2004). C moved to Madrid in 2005 with her Spanish boyfriend, and moved back to France in January this year. S and I thought that it was high time to visit her in Paris, especially as I am leaving Europe soon.

It takes 1,5 hours to go to Paris from Brussels with the high-speed train Thalys. We had bought the cheapest tickets (around 80 EUR return), which meant that we didn’t leave until 21.30 and arrived in Paris at 23.00. We told C that we could meet her at home in the 12e arrondissement (close to Place de la Nation, east of Place de la Bastille). The metro was full of Irish rugby fans going in all directions which confused us a little until we realised that 1) the game was over 2) they probably didn’t all see the game live at the stadion anyway. The question still remained, which team won? We saw THREE French rugby fans, who were teasing the Irish with thick French accents Your country is small, small, small… The Irish just ignored them, and we were still not any clearer on the winner [it turned out to be France]. Can you imagine if it had been football instead? European football fans are scary… [it is the rugby World Cup at the moment, forgot to mention that… and France is the host nation]

C was eagerly awaiting us at home, with a cold, poor girl. She has a surprisingly spacious apartment (for Paris), 34 m2 in a very calm street. I was very impressed with the thick red carpets on the floors in the staircase – it felt like a hotel! We were chatting and catching up until 02 before we decided to call it a night.

Paris, France

We didn’t really get up that early yesterday and then C went out for some pains au chocolat & croissants, which meant that we had a long, cosy breakfast at home. It was a nice day and when we finally managed to leave the apartment, the sun came out and it got warmer as we arrived to Place de la Bastille. I told the girls the story of my 2nd visit to Paris in 1993 (first one was in 1982) with my French class. The two most annoying girls of the class (and with the highest grades), went to the square and asked some passer-by where la Bastille was… I remember how stupid my friend Å and I thought that they were – did you ever hear of the revolution in 1789?? One of the main events during the revolution was the demolition of the prison (la Bastille) … it’s one of those basic things that you learn in history class!

From Bastille, one of the busiest round-abouts in Paris, we walked through the area called Le Marais. Through the courtyards of Hôtel de Sully to Place des Voges, we followed the sound of classical music (I think it was Vivaldi) – there was a string quartet playing under the arches of the square. From this square, we visited the gardens of the Musée Carnavalet and arrived to the Pletzl, the traditional Jewish area of Le Marais, and is full of small designer shops, Jewish book- and art shops, falafel places and expensive boutiques. Of course everything was closed as it was Saturday and Sabbath. And not just any Sabbath, it is Jom Kippur at the moment we were told, which is the day of atonement [repentance]. I was in the Middle East last year at this time and “got stuck” in Jordan as the Israeli border crossings are closed during this holiday.

Nevertheless, the area is very pretty and it has a special atmosphere. S told us that she had lived in the Jewish area of Strasbourg and she was always woken up by the Jewish prayers on Saturday mornings. I didn’t really understand what she meant (I was thinking of the Muslim prayer calls but how do Jews pray?) until we walked by a building with the sign Schule (school in German) – from inside we could hear men singing prayers – it sounded beautiful.

Vue sur la place du Louvre, Paris, France

At Le Palais des thés, a chain tea shop that I have already written about, we smelled different teas, admired the beautiful tea cups and had some free thé du hammam (a great green tea). Lunch was eaten in one of the small cafés of the area, while people-watching and gossiping about mutual friends back in Brussels ;-). After lunch we crossed la Seine by le Pont Neuf, and we, S and I, told C the story of the film Les amants du Pont-Neuf, a film with Juliette Binoche about a love story between two homeless persons who live on the bridge (I think that the film was actually filmed on location as the bridge really was closed for several years). I saw that film and Les nuits fauves (a film about an HIV-infected man and his girlfriend who doesn’t know about his illness) together with my French class in high school, and gave me the impression that all French films are soooo heavy and depressing – which is not really true I have discovered later on!

In the sunshine we met up on le Pont des Arts with S’s friend F, who is the cousin to one of our other former colleagues! This bridge is wooden and pedestrian with a perfect view of Île de la Cité (where you find Notre-Dame). We decided that we really needed to sit down again, so at le Louvre, in the courtyard and in front of the glass pyramides (the biggest one is the main entrance to the museum), we found seats on the terrace of le Café Marly. Not the cheapest place (a Coke was 6 EUR), but great for relaxing in the sun and soaking up some Parisian atmosphere. F left and another friend of S joined us as well as another former colleage, P. All of a sudden my friend L called from Stockholm, she told me that she had seen on facebook that I was in Paris, and even though she wasn’t there, her boyfriend was! Her boyfriend F, is from Marseille and felt a little lonely and bored in Paris so she was wondering if she could give him my phone number. Of course, not that I know him very well, we only met twice in August in Sweden, but why not!

Deux cafés à Paris, France

The sun had already set when F joined us, and it turned out that meeting in the courtyard of the Louvre in the dark was not very easy… We did manage to find each other and the 6 of us walked to the Japanese street of Paris, i.e Rue Sainte Anne just next to L’Opéra. We had a good, cheap Japanese dinner (no sushi) in a restaurant full of Japanese people, and F entertained us with telling us the romantic story of how he and my friend L met, and impressing the 4 French girls with his knowledge of Swedish! It was a great evening and I was really happy to meet up with F again – it was a bit funny to speak French to him as we had been speaking English when we met in Sweden (L doesn’t speak French yet).

Un bistro, Paris, France

We had quite an early night and today we headed to Gare du Nord straight from C’s place as our train back to Brussels was already at 14.30. We did the tourist thing and sat down at the café just across from the station, probably called Café du Nord, and had lunch among Irish and New Zeelander rugby fans. We were sad to leave Paris and C, but we had a great weekend together. It was nice to be able to catch up and just have some quality time together.




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24 09 2007

Vilken härlig helg i Paris du verkar ha haft. Jag får alltid europa längtan när jag läser dina fina reseberättelser. Allat är så annorlunda här på andra sidan atlanten. Härligt att du passar på att träffa kompisar innan du ska flytta. Hoppas ni får lite besök medans ni bor i PR.

24 09 2007

Desiree, det är roligt att jag kan locka fram lite Europalängtan med mina reseberättelser. Din berättelse om New Orleans fick samma effekt för mig, det ska bli spännande se lite av den “nya världen” snart.

24 09 2007

Förresten, har lagt några foton på facebook från Milano och Paris (albumet Travels) om du/ni vill kolla!

25 09 2007

Vilken harlig helg du verkar ha haft!! Jag har varit i Paris en gang och skulle valdigt garna vilja aka tillbaks med ett gang kompisar! Ska kika pa dina facebook foton nu 🙂

25 09 2007
Petra H

Millan, jag har alltid gillat London mer än Paris men det är kanske för att jag känner mig mer avslappnad i London, jag känner ju till staden mycket bättre! Jag gillar inte att känna mig lite lost i en storstad, utan vill verka som jag vet vart jag är på väg (av ngn anledning tycker jag att Paris verkar “farligare”)..
Men absolut, Paris är trots allt en jättevacker stad och det finns många fina kvarter. Från London är det ju väldigt snabbt med Eurostar, från Bristol däremot vet jag inte riktigt vad som är billigast/snabbast, flyg eller tåg? 🙂

25 09 2007

Hej såg att du sökte ett program för att krympa fotografier så att du kan lägga in dem på bloggen. Jag andvänder ett program som heter FastStone Photo Resizer. Tycker att det är enkelt att andvända och går att ladda ner helt gratis. Sök på namnet så får du upp det.

25 09 2007

Vilken trevlig helg…Jag blir så avis på dig och Millan som har hela Europa för era fötter! ja, snart flyttar ju du, men…
Det låter så helt underbart att åka till Paris och bara träffas!!!
Jag hoppas också att ni ska få en massa besök när ni flyttar till PR!!

25 09 2007

Desiree, tack för tipset, jag ska absolut kolla upp det programmet.

Annika, visst är det lyxigt att kunna åka till Paris över en helg bara för att umgås – det är det bästa med Bryssel, att det är så nära till andra ställen i Europa!! Dessutom hjälper det ganska mycket att jag har kompisar som jag kan våldgästa på de olika ställena.. Även om vårt hotell i Milano bara kostade 100 EUR/natt så hade jag inte kunnat resa så mycket om jag betalade för boendet överallt.
Det verkar som PR lockar ganska bra, vi har ett besök inbokat, plus min familjs treveckors-julbesök plus ett antal andra kompisar som är i bokningstaget! Jättekul!

28 09 2007

Petra, we should coordinate better when you come over to France..I was (supposed) to be there on the same week-end with Cécile & Lalie. Actually both Cécile & I had meetings planned around that week-end in Paris and decided to organise a short stay there all together.
Cécile couldn’t actually make it as her UAE residence Visa had run out on the 7th of september but she hadn’t noticed and was turned down by the Border Police of Dubai who couldn’t let her out of the country without valid papers. She was carrying lalie alone and had already put her luggage in..and had to go back home instead of joining me in Paris.. what a hassle. Anyway, had she been able to come and had we knew you were there, maybe we could of arranged for a coffee somewhere. Next time I guess.
Glad you enjoyed Paris. It’s always an enchantment for me when I go there. Feels like home, alltough ‘home’ in Paris feels like a distant concept now after 4 years in Dubai..reminds me of your post about expatriation.

28 09 2007

Mehdi, and speaking of Dubai, the French guy F who is the boyfriend of my Swedish friend L just happen to be going to your new home country in a few weeks’ and I said that I could put him in touch with a fellow countryman! He’ll just be there for a few days for business, but what do you say?
What an awful disappointment for Cécile and Lalie, poor girls and poor you for having to go alone. Yes, we should definitely coordinate better in the future – the same if you happen to pop by the Caribbean in the near future…

29 09 2007

Sure, with pleasure. He can call me anytime on +971506501545 (my mobile number). As of the Caribbean, honestly we’d love to. Unfortunately we already missed going to Buenos Aires where a good friend of mine spent 3 years, allthough dreaming of a trip there for ages. It’s just that going back to france for holidays is very exhausting already, I can’t even imagine how tough it would be for my little family to cross the atlantic for a week..Ideally we should come alone, but that means we will have to wait a little before we can leave Lalie to her grandparents for a full week. If you guys are still there in 1,5 or 2 years time, then the odds get much better !

14 04 2009
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