A comet

7 11 2007

Yesterday evening I was busy listening to my old cassettes, being nostalgic about my teenage years and the time spent in front of the radio trying to catch those favourite songs… while I was doing this, my father was running in and out the front door. In the end I asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he was looking for the comet Holmes!

Apparently it was not that easy to find it and he kept returning to the computer for instructions (he should have just brought the lap-top with him outside 😉 ). In the end he found the comet, and then he wanted me to see it too… Well, it sure wasn’t easy; first he pointed out the direction on the sky to me, then he handed me the binoculars (and I had to take off my glasses) – and then I had lost the position. I put the glasses back on, he pointed it out to me again, my neck was hurting from looking up on the stars and am I the only one who has problems using binoculars?? My father started to get a little annoyed with me but after 5-10 minutes I think that I saw the comet as a big blurry light, much bigger than the other stars! Swedish instructions for finding it, can be found here. English information about the comet here.

Like my father said, with that name it’s quite fun to have seen it… and no, our surname is not Holmes, even though people keep adding an -es to my name, which I guess isn’t a big deal except when people send emails to the wrong email address (when I had a professional email address with my name in the Commission)!

In an hour I’m going to the airport (Sturup / Malmö airport) to go to the Swedish capital, which also has almost the same name as me! At least one part of it (I’m trying hard here to anonymous, ha ha)…

Think of me tomorrow morning when I’m freezing outside the American embassy together with all the other desperate (??) people trying to get a visa to the big country in the west…




5 responses

7 11 2007

SĂ„ ni har varit kometspanare 🙂 Trevligt.
Ha det sÄ trevligt och lycka till pÄ ambassaden!!!

7 11 2007

Je penserai fort a toi Petchiska!
Gros Bisous

8 11 2007

Anne, japp det blev lite kometspaning, Ă€ven om jag hade lite problem med kikaren – antingen sĂ„ tryckte jag den för hĂ„rt mot ögonen sĂ„ allt blev suddigt eller sĂ„ sĂ„g jag inget alls. Borde trĂ€na mer pĂ„ kikaranvĂ€ndning 😉
Ambassaden gick relativt snabbt Àven om det var riktigt kallt och mina fötter var ganska stelfrusna (det var jag och en barnfamilj som stod ute och huttrade i typ 35-45 min imorse. Sedan gick det snabbt nÀr jag vÀl hade kommit in och ambassadtjÀnstemannen sa att jag nog har mitt pass med visum redan pÄ mÄndag!!

8 11 2007

SĂ©go, merci, c’est bien passĂ© mĂȘme si j’avais trĂšs froid – j’ai dĂ» attendre 35-45 min dehors (il faisait 2 degrĂ©es et j’ai portĂ© 2 paires de chaussettes dans mes bottes, ma circulation n’est pas trĂšs bonne!) mais dedans c’Ă©tait rapide (et chaud). Le fonctionnaire de l’ambassade m’a promis que normalement j’ai mon passeport et le visa par courrier dĂ©jĂ  lundi! Je reste Ă  Sthlm jusqu’au lundi matin pour voir mes amis ici.

14 05 2008
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