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10 12 2007

I have just finished a really good book over a cup of coffee (in a Christmas mug of course) and a lussekatt (saffron bun), and I thought that maybe I should recommend it to you, as it is translated to both Swedish and English.

Undtagelsen is the Danish original title to Christian Jungersen’s book, (Undantaget / The Exception, I read it in Swedish) and it is a psychological thriller about 4 women who work in a centre for information on genocide in Copenhagen. It is a very interesting story about harassment in the work place (so-called mobbing, I was surprised to hear O use that word but I can’t find it in any dictionary – is it an English word??) and what desperate people are prepared to do in certain extreme situations. The book mentions quite a few real psychological studies done on people concerning evilness, as well as quotes from the book Ordinary men by Christopher Browning – which is another fascinating book which I read during my Peace & Conflict studies at Lund University. I can recommend both books, the first one is a book of fiction, and the second one is a book on history and psychology.

Offside (2005) is a Swedish film with Jonas Karlsson (Den man älskar, Hans och hennes) and Torkel Peterson (Jalla, Jalla), and tells the story of a small community somewhere close to Gothenburg in Sweden and its football team that has seen better days (and better players…). It is a typical Swedish comedy with ordinary people who are unemployed, depressed and drunk, and playing football… It is funny even if I hate football! O also liked the film, he is fascinated by Swedish films which he finds very different from Spanish & American ones (the dvd has English sub-titles, a big plus!). Speaking of good Swedish films to show any foreign friends, O and I have enjoyed watching:

  • Masjävlar – O’s favourite so far. A woman goes back home north for her father’s birthday, and old tensions with the two other sisters re-emerge.
  • Ondskan (Evil) – about a boarding school in the 1950’s and its bullying initiation rites. This film was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film in 2004.
  • Grabben i graven bredvid – a librarian falls in love with a farmer (not really a  Hollywood setting, but it is quite funny).

Breaking and entering (2006) with Juliette Binoche and Jude Law, set around King’s Cross in London and tells the story of a Bosnian woman, her son who is a thief and the architect whose office gets burgled. I would not recommend this film if you are not completely in love with Jude Law (I am not, and O doesn’t like him at all as an actor) – Juliette Binoche plays her part as a Bosnian refugee very well but the story just doesn’t hold according to me.

Catch & release (2007) with Jennifer Garner (Alias) and the sexy Timothy Olyphant (Go – a very good film by the way! and one episode of Sex and the City – Valley of the twenty-something guys) is quite a simple love story about a girl whose fiancé dies just before their wedding and she ends up moving in with his flatmates. Simple but I liked it – maybe because I really enjoy watching Timothy Olyphant… However, O chose the film (thinking of me) and he liked it too (I don’t know what it says about his taste in films, ha ha).




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11 12 2007

Oh, and I agree with O – Masjävlar is a great film! (By Swedish standards, of course..)

11 12 2007

Tack David!!

11 12 2007

Masjavlar ar faktiskt Bens svenska favorit ocksa. Nej forresten… den kommer tva efter Tillsammans!

11 12 2007

Millan, jag har ju glömt att visa Tillsammans för O – den har jag ju också på dvd!! Det måste jag göra ASAP! Ha ha, kul att killarna gillar svensk film, britter och svenskar har ju ganska lik humor och filmsmak men spanjorer…

12 12 2007

Nu nar du skriver om det sa inser jag att jag inte har nagon aning om vad Spanjorer har for humor…?? Men min Italienska kompis och jag missforstar varandra ofta eftersom hon inte alls forstar nar jag ar ironisk.. oops.

14 12 2007

Millan, japp sydlänningar är inte så bra på ironi… men O har bott utomlands så mycket så han är ganska ironisk själv!! Men jag vet att jag har varit med om många missförstånd med italienare… Spanjorers humor, du jag vet inte heller! Har nog aldrig sett en spansk komedi om man inte räknar vissa av Almodovars filmer som komedier – Kvinnor på gränsen till nervöst sammanbrott (eller vad den nu heter) är ju ganska hysterisk. Kanske hysterisk humor?

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