Christmas in the Caribbean (Part V)

25 12 2007

O’s and my first Christmas together, and the first one in a hot place, Puerto Rico – and we are celebrating with my family. It is quite a new experience but I do like it so far.

Christmas Eve started with mango smoothies (prepared by my brother), scones (Swedish-style, prepared by me) and lemon curd (cooked yesterday by my sister) – a nice, fresh breakfast. Then we hit the beach, all six of us! The beach was full of people lapping up some Christmas sun – mostly from the Marriott hotel nearby but also locals who had brought their coolers full of beer. My father was knocked over by a huge wave and his nose started to bleed – we got ice from one couple and tissues from another sunbather, how kind!

Lunch preparations took quite a while and we didn’t sit down until 17.30, but the table was full of goodies – sillsallad utan sill (herring salad without herring, an actual recipe and perfect as we couldn’t find that fish here), gubbröra (a mix of boiled eggs, sardines (should have been anchovies), onion and dill), meatballs, Dubliner Cheddar and Edamer cheese (Christmas cheese in Sweden because of the red wrapping), sausages (unfortunately not the small prinskorv from Sweden), vegetarian sausage rolls (my brother is a vegeterian), smoked salmon, a Brussels sprout salad, honey glazed ham (from Costco) and Christmas snaps … And of course some Puertorican beer (Medalla) to top it all off!

Swedish Christmas lunch in Puerto Rico

My sister and O have persistently tried to put the gingerbread house (pepparkakshus) together despite the crooked pieces and it is almost ready now – just lacks a few M&Ms for decoration. In the meanwhile we have been watching Donald Duck and his friends on youtube (a Swedish tv tradition for the last 40 years or so) and handed out the Christmas presents – among other things, O got three Wallander dvd’s (based on the Henning Mankell books) from my parents and I got the Lonely Planet for Argentina (destination in 2008?).

Now we are drinking glögg, eating homemade pepparkakor and watching Love Actually. O is supposed to prepare a Spanish dish with lamb and poor people’s potatoes (??) and I guess that we will eat it Spanish time… i.e around midnight! Tomorrow we will have our traditional Christmas day turkey and some trifle for dessert (instead of Christmas pudding).

A great Christmas Eve despite the sunshine and heat 🙂





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26 12 2007

Merry Christmas!! Oaho – lot’s of new things – how fun! Maybe the best way to celebrate Christmas in a new place – when everyone is new to the experience – thus no one can be disappointed… 😉

I celebrated Christmas in Puerto Rico (living with a friend in Caguas) – it was actually a bit of an overwhelming experience for all sorts of reasons. My friend did a great job in trying to create a “Julafton” – haha – we had so much fun. But later we just took off for the beach. 😉

26 12 2007

Låter som en bra julafton! Och med nya traditioner som kanske nu har skapats?
Gillar bilden på ert bord.
Förstår att det är annorlunda att fira jul i ett hett klimat…
God fortsättning!!

26 12 2007

JaCal, I think that we were all very happy with the HOT Christmas experience even if O was complaining about the good weather (it’s usually colder in his part of Spain than our part of Sweden (Skåne) for Xmas).. but the beach was great on Christmas eve!
Wow, you experienced a real Puertorican xmas – I can imagine that it was an overwhelming experience (but I’m jealous – our xmas was more Swedish/Spanish). By the way, O works very close to Caguas so I know it quite well!

Annika, det var en mycket lyckad julafton inklusive det spanska lammet vid midnatt medan vi spelade Trivial Pursuit (varför fick min pappa ALLA lätta frågor??) – det tog liksom lite längre tid än beräknat att tillaga det 😉
Kul att du gillade mitt julbordsfoto (jag har ju äntligen klurat ut hur jag kan lägga upp foton på bloggen utan att jag använder allt minnesutrymme).

26 12 2007

Vilken härlig och mysig jul ni har haft. Tänk att få ta sig ett dopp i havet och gå en promenad på beachen på julafton. Det hade jag så gärna gjort. Mango smoothie lät ju helt underbart gott! Mycket nytt på en gång, första julen tillsammans som gifta och dessutom i ett nytt land och i tropikerna långt från snö och midvinternatt. Julbordet ni fick ihop lät mycket gott. God fortsättning.

26 12 2007

Lonley Planet Argentina 2008 lät spännande. Kan det tänkas bli en semesterresa dit kanske?

26 12 2007

Desiree, det var verkligen mysigt att ta en runda på stranden på julafton och se alla andra som firade jul i Karibien. Mango smoothie har blivit en favorit i repris eftersom vi köpte en låda med 9 mangofrukter på Costco.. lillebror har blivit riktigt duktig på både smoothies och Piña coladas!
Vi hoppas åka till Argentina 2008, det är ganska många från PR som precis har varit där så vi har fått många tips. Flygresan är ganska dyr men sedan ska det vara billigt att resa runt.
God fortsättning!

19 12 2008
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[…] However, I am sure that we will make a nice intercultural mix of Swedish and Spanish traditions, just like last year. We have been invited to celebrate Nochebuena (Christmas Eve / Julafton) with my Spanish […]

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