A list

24 03 2009

Today I thought a list would be in order – I copied it from Anna in Stockholm and funnily enough quite a few of her answers were applicable also on me! Enjoy!

1. How old are you in five years? 38

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? No one yet – hopefully O when he comes home tonight!

3. How tall are you? 168 cm

4. What was the last film you saw? “Beck” on TV; haven’t been to the cinema for a few months now (ha ha, I just copied Anna’s answer here – we actually watched a Beck (Swedish police series) film on dvd yesterday!)

5. Who did you last call? No-one, I should call our neighbour today as she still has my keys and the mail from the last two months – but I need to build up motivation to speak Spanish! And then I should call my French friend E and the Alliance Francaise in French…

6. Who last called you? My Spanish teacher – I’m starting my Spanish lessons again tomorrow at 08 in the morning…

7. Do you prefer to call or send text messages? Text messages as I’m not a phone person, but it depends… (ha ha, once again Anna’s answer)

8. Are your parents married or divorced? Married since 1974 (just like Anna’s parents)

9. When did you last see your mum? On Sunday morning at 06.22 when my parents waved goodbye to me at Malmö station on my way to Copenhagen airport

10. What colour are your eyes? Green

11. When did you wake up today? 9 o’clock, but I was of course also awake at 06.30 when O got up – I always wake up and say goodbye to him

12. What is your favourite Christmas song? Fairytale of New York with The Pogues and Kirsty McColl

13. What is your favourite place? Anywhere with O or the summerhouse in Sweden or my now deceased father’s uncle’s house in Switzerland

The garden of my father's uncle in Switzerland
The garden of my father’s uncle’s house in Switzerland

14. What is your least favourite place? Security check in airports – too stressful!

15. Where do you think you are in ten years’ time? I have no idea! Hopefully Europe, maybe Spain?

16. What scared you at night when you were a child? My reoccurring nightmares

17. What made you last laugh? Some of O’s comments

18. How big is your bed? 1,80 American style! In Brussels we have a 1,40 bed and it was the perfect size for us.

19. Do you have a desktop or laptop computer? I have one laptop which is now 5 years old, and O has two + his work laptop – I would prefer that we had less laptops and a printer instead!

20. Do you sleep with or without clothes? With clothes even if it does get a little hot sometimes in the Caribbean – we never sleep with the AC on and no duvet, just a sheet. This morning I was actually a little cold and tried to fight O for the cover (I think he was actually lying on top of it and not using it!)

21. How many pillows do you have in your bed? 5 – two each even though O never really uses his second one + an extra one that I sometimes hug

22. What countries have you visited? Sverige, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK (England, Scotland and Wales), Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore

23. What cities/places have you lived in? Veberöd, Chandler’s Ford (UK), Geneva (x2), Linköping, Lund, Venice, Padova, Brussels and San Juan

24. Not on the list

25. Are you social? Yes in certain situations while I can also be shy if I don’t feel entirely comfortable

26. What is your favourite ice-cream? Straciatella (vanilla ice cream with pieces of chocolate) or frozen yoghurt (the two flavours I would always get when living in Italy!)

27. What is your favourite dessert? I am not a big dessert person but I will sneak a bite or two from O’s Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream, cream and warm chocolate sauce)

28. Do you like Chinese food? Prefer Thai and Indian (Anna’s answer!)

29. Do you like coffee? Yes but I don’t drink it every day

30. What do you drink for breakfast? Water in Puerto Rico, tea and Proviva in Sweden

Typical Swedish breakfast
Our breakfast at the summerhouse in February – NB the Proviva on the left and my mug full of tea

31. How do you sleep (side, back, stomach)? Side

32. Do you know how to play poker? Nope and not interested in learning…

33. Do you like getting cozy/cuddling? Of course!

34. Are you an addicted person? Addicted to the internet among other things 😉

35. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Yes, my Spanish ex-colleague’s wife but she’s one year younger than I. We celebrated our birthdays together in 2004

36. Do you want children? Yes, two or three and hopefully soon

37. Do you know other languages than English [the language you are writing in]? Swedish (mother tongue), French, Italian and Spanish – unfortunately I can’t really speak Italian anymore since the Spanish has taken over my brain!

38. Have you even been in an ambulance? Yes, after I fell when cycling on black ice in Linköping – it turned out I had only sprained my ankle but they thought that I had broken my leg…

39. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? The ocean of course! But not too fond of very high waves so I hardly ever swim in San Juan, unfortunately

The Condado beach, San Juan
View over to our beach in San Juan – the waves are too rough for me but I love looking at the sea

40. What do you prefer to spend money on? Travel, houseware and design (Anna’s answer again, I am such a copy-cat)

41. Do you own any precious jewelery? My “whatever”-ring that O gave me in November last year…

42. What are your favourite programmes on TV? Old shows such as Sex and the City, The Gilmore Girls + ER (last episode shown on American tv on 2nd April I learnt yesterday from the Ellen show!), Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy + HGTV (interior design channel)

43. Can you roll your tongue? Nope, don’t have that gene

44. Who is the funniest person you know? I don’t know, O makes me laugh every day but he might not be funny in other people’s eyes

Our long shadows on the beach
My funny man O and I on the beach

45. Do you sleep with cuddly toys? No, I used to sleep with my cuddly seal called Umbrella…

46. What is your mobile phone ringtone? The most normal one

47. Do you still have any of your baby clothes? Yes, in my parents’ attic

48. Dog or cat? Prefer dogs but never had one. Don’t trust cats. My MIL absolutely hates dogs with a vengeance, which really annoys me!

49. Do you flirt a lot? Depends on the situation – when I was single probably more, ha ha

50. Can you change the oil in the car? Nope

51. Have you ever got a speeding ticket? Nope

52. What was the last book you read? Shake hands with the devil by Roméo Dallaire

53. The best book you have read? I can never think of a favourite book but among the ones I really like; Crime and Punishment, Pride and prejudice, some Joyce Carol Oates books etc

54. Do you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine? No, I used to subscribe to Sköna Hem (a Swedish interior design magazine) when I lived in Brussels but it would just be too expensive to have it delivered across the Atlantic

55. Do you dance in the car? Eh, no…

56. What was the last radio station you listened to? Very rarely listen to the radio

57. What was the latest you wrote down on paper? “Potatoes” on the shopping list

58. When did you last go church? Probably Easter 2007 in Spain

59. Who was your favourite teacher in 7-9th grade (“junior high”)? Didn’t have a favourite teacher in the 7th-9th grade, I changed schools three times (7th grade: England, half of 8th grade Veberöd and then Eslöv) and actually didn’t have very good teachers

60. How long have you camped in a tent? 2 nights I think, the summer after my high school graduation my two best girlfriends from school + two guys drove to Gothenburg and camped. At Werchter, (rock festival in Belgium) in 2000 I refused to sleep in a tent and slept in the car instead!




10 responses

24 03 2009

Veberöd! Underbart!

24 03 2009

Karlavagnen – born and raised in Veberöd 😉 Eller iaf till sportlovet i 8:an då vi flyttade till Eslöv…

24 03 2009
Anna (Sthlm)

Haha! Vad roligt att det var så många likadana!
Jag gillar att ni kallar det “whatever”-ring! Kanske så jag får Peter att committa sig! 😉

24 03 2009

OMG!! DET var en lista det. jag har precis gjort Mariannes, Annes, tainas lista mfl som låg ute på bloggarna medan jag var i sverige. men den lägger jag ut först imorrn. BRA när blogginspirationen tryter, hehehe.
DET har var en kul lista också. Kanske gör jag den på tisdag???
KUL som vanligt att läsa alla svar. Listor är alltid, alltid roliga!!!

25 03 2009

Tack för din kommentar hos mig! Kul att läsa lite hos dig…
Nu vet jag vart jag ska gå om jag behöver lite boktips – det var en lista det!!

25 03 2009

Godmorgon, vad kul att du också fyllde i denna lista. Jag hittade den hos Anne som hittat den hos Marianne så nu är vi några stycken som fyllt i den. Ah alltid roligt med nya detaljer. Så du har också gröna ögon som jag har. Den där trädgården som är din pappas fabrors ser helt gudomligt vacker ut. Åh vilket ställe! Även den där frukosten såg smarrig ut och självklart gillar jag bilden på havet mycket. Den där glassen lät supergod. Jag är ju som bekant en STOR glassälskare så det kan jag aldrig säga nej till. Ha en bra dag.

25 03 2009

Anna, eller så får ni flytta till USA 😉 Jag pratade precis med min franska kompis här i PR, jag hade inte hört från henne på länge så var lite orolig – det visade sig att det blivit strul med hennes visum och voilà, hon och hennes puertoricanska pojkvän hade varit tvungna att gifta sig! “I know the feeling” typ, och hon sa att hon tänkt på mig och tänkt att “Petra vet hur det känns!”.

Annika, nu blir jag nyfiken – vilken var nu den andra listan som snurrat runt i bloggvärlden? Det får kanske bli en ny lista även här… Visst är listor kul!

Mz Olsson, välkommen hit! Jag hade varit inne på din blogg förut insåg jag igår men inte lämnat någon kommentar!
Ha ha, jag insåg just igår att jag typ bara läst EN bok det här året – antagligen för att jag känner att jag BORDE läsa på spanska… och då blir det nada! Har dock läst en massa tidningar när jag varit i Sverige de senaste veckorna.

25 03 2009

God morgon Desiree! Jag har haft en produktiv morgon med spansklektion redan kl 8 😉 Bra att jag blir upptvingad på morgonen!
Jag har fått många komplimanger för mina ögons skull – folk [utomlands] tycker ofta att det är ovanligt att man är så mörk och har gröna ögon! Senast var det en vakt vid säkerhetskontrollen på flygplatsen i San Juan som sa det till mig (på ett helt osliskigt sätt) – kul!
Ja, min fars morbrors trädgård är helt gudomlig. Jag talade med hans änka förra veckan och hon sa att det är så svårt att gå ut i trädgården nuförtiden för hon blir direkt påmind om sin man – men hon försöker iaf hålla efter “hans skapelse”… Så sorgligt.
Jag blir själv väldigt sugen på en god frukost när jag tittar på frukostbilden – det får bli till helgen!

25 03 2009
Anna (Sthlm)

Jag har tänkt på den metoden också! 😉

25 03 2009


Du dök upp på min och min grabbs sida (vilket man gör om man nämner Veberöd). Har en lokal sida om Veberöd, http://www.veberod.nu som beskriver allt kul och nyttigt som finns lokalt.
Alltid kul att lösa om fd Veberödsbor och vart de tagit vägen ute i världen. Hade bland annat en kanadensare som uppskattade alla våra gamla byfoton.
Har du själv något lärorikt och kul som våra Veberödsungdomar kan lära sig eller få inspiration av, får du gärna höra av dig till oss.
Ha det kul ute i världen! Jan

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