Absolutely love “Dave goes to Skåne”

19 01 2010

Have you heard of the “Dave goes to Skåne”-campaign? Absolutely brilliant!!

Watch this:

and this one:

I am such an Anglophile and can’t resist any kind of British accent and / or sense of humour…  Read more about the campaign here – the films are official ads to tempt Brits to visit Skåne!

And by the way, I agree – you should go to Skåne in 2010 😉




8 responses

21 01 2010
Mary T

Ha ha ha I love it!

21 01 2010

Mary T, I hope that you will have the opportunity to come and see more of Skåne soon…
Apparently not so many of my readers have the same sense of humour as us 😉

21 01 2010

Nämen detta har jag missat, var går det? Här i UK? Måste hålla utkik! 🙂

21 01 2010

Emma, jag vet inte om reklamen fortfarande visas i UK, det verkar vara en kampanj från i höstas. Frågan är – var svordomarna bleepade eller inte?

22 01 2010

Dave’s the man!

26 01 2010

Johanna, eller hur!

22 01 2010
christos obretenov

Ha ha, good one.
I can’t believe its been 10 YEARS now since we’ve been. WOW.


26 01 2010

Christos, we are sooo OLD! Ten years, it’s incredible! Do you take the responsibility for the reunion? 😉

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