Password protection

6 07 2010

Dear friends,

I have decided to put a password on some of my posts in order to feel more comfortable writing about personal stuff. I think that most of these posts will be in Swedish for the time being, but I might change my mind.
If you are interested in getting the password, please drop me a line at [blog title in one word, i.e 18 letters] at []*. I will probably accept all requests for password and there is no need to be a regular “commentator” for you to have the right to read the protected posts. Nevertheless, I would just like to have some control over who reads my more personal posts.
Have a good Tuesday!

*) Let me know if you have any trouble figuring out the email address 😉




10 responses

6 07 2010

ok, jag förstår.
Jag kommer såklart att fortsätta läsa! 🙂

6 07 2010

Saltis, det hoppas jag att du fortsätter att göra 😉

6 07 2010

Du får gärna skicka mig ett lösenord på
Ha det gott och kram/M

6 07 2010

Musikanta, det är skickat!

6 07 2010

Jag skickar ett meddelande på FB om det går bra? 🙂

8 07 2010

Naturligtvis Jess, det är ju inte alla som har privilegiet att vara vän med mig på FB 😉

8 07 2010

Hej…jag vill också gärna ha lösenordet om jag får, min email är

8 07 2010

Emmasofia, lösenordet är skickat!

8 07 2010
Helen Hallberg

I tried to send an email to your address, but it did not work.
I like to read your blog because you have such an interesting life.
I am a Swedish women who has lived in the USA for many years.
If you would send an email with your password to
I would appreciate it very much.

8 07 2010

Helen, det är skickat!

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