A challenge and three blog awards

29 01 2012

My intention was to answer all the comments before writing a new post but I will just try to do that as soon as possible. In the mean while you can get to know me a bit better 😉 according to the challenge I got from Brysselkakan:

What did you do ten years ago? I was an intern at a small human rights NGO in Geneva and I was monitoring UN human rights meetings such as the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Working group on the Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People(s). I shared a tiny, cold apartment with my neighbour from Eslöv. He had his second child 4 days before V was born and is coming to Brussels to visit us with his whole family in March, I can’t wait! The 9th June 2002 I arrived to Brussels and started to work at the European Commission. Ten years ago already… at the same time it feels like a life time ago!!

What did you do a year ago? I was pregnant, but I didn’t know it yet! I had just come back from the French Alps with the European school where I had injured my knee after 5 minutes’ of skiing. On the 31st January I went to the hospital here in Brussels and they made a [urine] pregnancy test which turned out to be… negative! so they x-rayed my knee (anterior crucible ligament was damaged but nothing broken). On the 7th February a blood test showed that I was pregnant!


Five snacks that you like? Swedish crisps (Estrellas grillchips!), Swedish sweets even though since my pregnancy I am not at all as fond of sweets as I used to be!, green olives with stones (it’s something to do with the consistency that I prefer to pitted olives) or stuffed with lemon, popcorn and CĂŽte d’Or’s dark chocolate with marzipan.

Easter sweets

Five songs that you know the lyrics to: I have realised that I don’t even know the lyrics to the most simple children’s songs when trying to sing to V but at least I know the Swedish lyrics to “Itsy bitsy spider” (Imse vimse spindel) and “Clap your hands” (Klappa hĂ€nderna). I am the worst singer who can’t hold a tune but I can sing along to many pop songs. However, I only sing when alone or around people I know very well…

Five things you would do if you became a multi millionaire: Buy a nice house in Brussels, renovate one of O’s parents’ apartments so that we could stay there when in Spain, build a second guest house next to my parents’ summer house so that the whole family could stay more comfortably, travel, and save money for V.

Five bad habits: Procrastinating (I need to continue working on that to-do list this week!!), not ironing (my mother-in-law is horrified that I don’t iron more!), not doing enough sports / exercise, keeping too much stuff (magazines, books, papers etc…) and writing lists of things that should be done instead of doing them.

Five things you like to do: Read, blog (I wish I did it more often), cuddle with V and O, sleep and travel… (I actually sleep really well while travelling by bus, train, plane or car!)

Five things you would never wear or buy: This one was difficult but extremely pointy shoes (I have wide feet), and then I need to copy My’s answer: I would never buy children’s clothes with weapons or action figures, nor toy weapons for that matter.

Five favourite toys: Hm, toys? It is true that our home is slowly being taken over by V’s toys, which I am enjoying (so far) but my favourite “toys”? The computer, the camera, the kettle and ok, the old bird from my childhood that both V and I enjoy while changing nappies and the cd-player with which I can play children’s songs for V.


Five persons that I would like to answer the challenge: I am quite late so I think that most of the bloggers I know have already done this list…

And then I also have to thank Brysselkakan, Millan and Saltistjejen for the very nice award that she they gave me. I am a bit embarrassed to get awards when I have been so bad at updating the blog lately (the last year really!).

UPDATED: Most of my favourite blogs have already received this award but there is one blog that I would like to encourage you to read: my sister’s blog and that’s not because I am biased! She has a perfect combo of interesting subjects (exercise, interior design, books, travels etc) and I want to cheer her up as she is now in a similar situation to mine a year ago (not the not confirmed pregnancy but with a ligament injury). Maybe she would like to answer the challenge as well!?




9 responses

29 01 2012

Å Petra! Men det var kanske samma award som jag gav dig (http://www.saltistjejen.blogspot.com/2012/01/award.html)?? FrĂ„gorna och svaren hĂ€r, var iallafall desamma. Men jag sĂ€ger att You Are ALL WORTH IT!!! 🙂 SĂ„ sluta upp med att vara sĂ„dĂ€r svenskt generad! 🙂

30 01 2012

Saltis, ursĂ€kta ursĂ€kta, jag kĂ€nde pĂ„ mig att jag fĂ„tt den av ngn annan ocksĂ„ men kunde inte komma pĂ„ av vem! Sorry! SĂ„ gĂ„r det nĂ€r man inte bloggar sĂ„ ofta 😩 Tackar och jag ska uppdatera inlĂ€gget! Stor kram!!

30 01 2012

Jag tycker denna lista som cirkulerat bland de flesta av mina favoritbloggar Ă€r himla kul just för att det Ă€r sĂ„ mĂ„nga som har gjort denna. Jag Ă€r ocksĂ„ helt kass pĂ„ att hĂ„lla en melodi och pĂ„ att sjunga allmĂ€nt. Även C sĂ€ger att jag inte ska sjunga.Hur gick det med ditt knĂ€? Är det helt Ă„terstĂ€llt? Hoppas du blev helt bra sĂ„ att du kan Ă„ka skidor framöver ocksĂ„.
Kram och ha det bra.

30 01 2012

Grattis till awarden ocksÄ glömde jag sÀga.

30 01 2012

Roligt med awarden! Grattis! Lustigt att du skadade benet i januari förra Ă„ret och nu Ă€r det jag som sitter hĂ€r med en orörlig fot och kryckor… 🙂 Det Ă€r inte lĂ€tt att vara immobil, men det hade sĂ„ klart kunnat vara mycket vĂ€rre. Stor kram

30 01 2012

Oh vad jag kĂ€nner igen mig i dina “dĂ„liga vanor” haha. Procrastination deluxe hĂ€r hemma just nu. Och det dĂ€r med att skriva listor i stĂ€llet för att göra saker… 😉

Hoppas det Àr bra med er!

30 01 2012

Den dĂ€r listan mĂ„ste vara en av de mest ifyllda blogglistorna ngnsin. “Alla” har verkligen gjort den, haha!!
Men kul Àr den, liksom de flesta listor!
Procrastination is my name too…

31 01 2012

HAHAA! Ingen fara alls!!!!!! 🙂 Du behöver inte uppdatera heller. Jag tyckte mest det var roligt att jag fick lĂ€sa dina svar! 🙂

8 02 2012

Rolig lĂ€sning! Wow, jag blir sĂ„ imponerad att du jobbat GenĂšve – hur Ă€r den staden egentligen? Jag Ă€r smĂ„tt nyfiken pĂ„ Schweiz..

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