3. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about your best friend

3 12 2012

Who is my best friend? I don’t have one best friend, I have several:

  • my oldest friend Å whom I have known since I was born (as she was born 1,5 months before me), she lives in Copenhagen
  • my first friend in Eslöv when we moved there in 1990, L, who nowadays lives in the south of France
  • my best neighbour O whose family used to live next door to my parents, O and I lived together in Geneva. He now lives in Oslo, Norway
  • O’s and my best friend in Puerto Rico, Swedish B who still lives there
  • my dear English friend A with whom I went to school with in England in 1988/89, who lives in Australia
  • my French friend P No 1 with whom I studied in Italy, she lives in Geneva
  • my Irish friend R who was my first friend in Brussels – she now lives in Italy
  • my two Spanish “brothers”; my first Spanish friend R who now works in Sudan and my first Spanish colleague M who has moved back to Madrid from Brussels
  • last but most important: my Spanish husband O

Ice cream in Trollsjön
O 6 years ago
I guess what I can tell about all of these very dear friends of mine (and many others who I haven’t mentioned) is that they all have or still live abroad!




2 responses

4 12 2012

Det är underbart att ha många goda vänner. Jag hade inte heller bara kunnat skriva om en enda person. Du har stor spridning på dina vänner runt om i världen och i Europa. Men det har sina fördelar för då får man chansen att besöka många platser man annars kanske inte skulle ha besökt.

4 12 2012

Desiree, visst ar det harligt med manga goda vanner som man vet att man kommer att fortsatta att vara van med aven om man inte ses varje dag. Jag alskar att resa och halsa pa vanner, fa se hur ett vardagsliv kan te sig i ett annat land…

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