5. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about who you were a year ago

5 12 2012

A year ago I had only been a mother for 3 months! Motherhood was actually easier than I expected, probably because V was a very easy baby. No colic, he hardly ever cried – well, except for when changing his nappy and giving him a batch, big drama every time! And for his second and third month he would only sleep on top of me, which meant that I didn’t really lie down when sleeping for 2-3 months.

I expected to be a more worried mother but I think that I have been pretty relaxed. It can be confusing when receiving different baby advice from Belgium, Sweden and Spain but I have tried to use comment sense and do whatever felt best for V and us.

A year ago V and I were just returning from our first visit to Sweden and on our way to Spain to visit V’s Spanish family for a whole month. Even though I think that I have been a relaxed new mother, that month in Spain was one of the hardest times in my life because of the cultural clashes between myself and my mother-in-law. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to spend a full month with your [Spanish] mother-in-law when you are full of hormones after just having given birth and while breastfeeding, if you don’t get along really really well with her…




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5 12 2012

I hear you! Min svärmor håller sig ändå på sin kant, eller anstränger sig fôr att göra det. Går inte alltid så bra.

5 12 2012

Jag tycker det är svårt att föreställa sig nu hur pytteliten V var för ett år sen. Nu är han ju så stor, och så “med”! Ska bli så mysigt att fira jul tillsammans i år! Kramar

6 12 2012

Ooo, jag kan bara hålla med. Och vi har inga kulturkrockar här. Generationskrockar kanske. Eller personlighetskrockar. Jag vet inte… Men det var inte bara svärmor, även min egen mamma kunde gå mig på nerverna och driva mig till vansinne. J och jag hade ett gigantiskt gräl om det hela, tills han fattade att det var lika (om inte mer) jobbigt för mig som för han. Det låg såklart mycket hormoner bakom, inte bara hos mig som mamma, utan papporna får nog sitt oxå… Men nu funkar allt bra. 🙂

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