7. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about one of your favourite photos

7 12 2012

This is one of my favourite photos, of my grandmother and I (May, 2003). res_109-0924_IMG

We are sitting on a log overlooking the sea by my grandmother’s summerhouse on the East coast of Skane. My grandparents always had a log above the beach to sit on in the evenings, but very often people would use them as firewood… I

It is now almost two years ago that my grandmother passed away, just before Xmas, and we still miss her dearly.

When I found the kitchen towels that my grandmother had embroidered with my initials the other day, the Xmas present label was still attached to them. By the way, I think that the towels themselves were weaved by my great-grandmother but I am not sure…




4 responses

7 12 2012

Å vilket otroligt fint foto!!! Och vad fint att du har kvar saker från din älskade mormor. Jag blir lite tårögd nu. 🙂
KRAM Petra! Hoppas att ni har det bra!!!!

8 12 2012

En väldigt fin bild på dig och din mormor och sedan skriver du så väldigt fint om henne. Vilken vacker och personlig gåva.

9 12 2012

Älskar också den bilden! Stor kram från lillasyster

10 12 2012
Anna Granström


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