8. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about one of your favourite pieces of clothing

9 12 2012

I remember a friend of mine who described myself and his own girlfriend as ¨cardigan girls¨ when we were back in university. That’s almost 20 years ago but it still describes my dressing style quite well! One of my favourite cardigans is a off-white cable-knit zipped Ralph Lauren cardigan. An American girl asked me last year where I had bought it as she really liked my cardigan and had tried to find it on the RL website. I had to disappoint her by telling her that I had bought it in an outlet in Puerto Rico 2-3 years ago. I think that I paid roughly $15 for it!




2 responses

9 12 2012

Nice! Här har du en till “cardigan girl”. 🙂 Ett tag var det dessutom endast vita och svarta cardigans och jeans som gällde här. Nu försöker jag dock i stället hitta det färggladaste alternativet som finns i affärernas koftutbud, s4897086 det blir lite variation.

10 12 2012

Jag är nog också något av en cardigan tjej. Har väldigt många olika i min garderob och gillar dem alla lika mycket. Snyggt och praktiskt på så många sätt.

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