Random Easter thoughts from Spain

3 04 2013

We had to re-schedule our traditional Easter holidays from the Easter week (Semana Santa) to after Easter since Vs creche is closed this week and we couldn´t take two weeks off work. But even though that meant that my parents couldn´t join us in Spain, they came to Brussels for 5-6 days last week, which was great! V got an extra week off the creche that way and got to spend time with first the Swedish grandparents and then now with the Spanish grandparents.

  • I became an aunt* on the 23rd March when my brother´s son (who everybody was convinced would be a girl 😉 ) was born. He chose to arrive the day between his paternal grandmother´s birthday and his maternal aunt´s birthday! I can´t wait to meet him!!
  • The old ladies, the priest and the nun in the small village where V was baptised last Easter were delighted to see him again on Sunday. One of the old ladies whispered “Henry** is here” when she saw him in church. Guess who couldn´t sit still during mass – fortunately it is always a very quick service in that particular church.
  • I told O “I told you so” when the nun, when seeing that we are adding to the family, told us that “now you really need to get married” (religiously that is). She is really sweet though so no pressure…
  • I managed to block the sink in the bathroom late at night and O and his mother spent more than one hour to get it unblocked… opps! I thought that the nausea was over for this time but nope, my breakfast came up yesterday morning as well (this time in the toilet and not in the sink…) 😦
  • V absolutely loves running around in his grandmother´s shop and creating trouble… it´s getting a little old picking up all the chewing gums (wrapped) from the floor again and again…
  • I got hysterical when Vs grandfather wanted to drive off with V in his lap even if it was “just for a 5 minute ride”***. Later on that day the car seat buckle broke (fortunately not our own new car seat) when we were in the neighbouring town and we had no option (??) but to drive home without V belted in. I was convinced that we would have a crash! Guess who felt punished by the car safety gods…
  • Driving 1400 km in two days with a 18-month old was do-able. Hoping for as good driving karma on the way back this weekend!
  • O might not agree with good driving karma as he got fined 90 EUR just before the Spanish border by the French gendarmes (police). They stopped a Spanish registered car and our Belgian registered car, but none of the French that were driving at least as fast…
  • A lost cause: trying to convince my mother-in-law that V understands Swedish as much as he understands Spanish…

*) Of course I am also the tía of O´s niece and nephews
**) One of V´s two second names 😉
***) Trying to get my parents-in-law to understand car safety is another lost cause I fear. Their constant argument is: “We had five kids who were never attached in the car and they were never hurt”. Sigh…




2 responses

4 04 2013

Hahaha ni verkar ha haft en innehållsrik påskledighet! Skönt att bilresan (DIT) gick så bra! Och du det där med olika kulturer som tycker olika saker är viktiga kan vara extremt jobbigt. Särskilt då det kommer till ens barn.
Hoppas så att du snart ska sluta må illa också!!!!
Varm Kram!!!

7 04 2013

Saltis, det kanske svårt att tro det men det här inlägget är ändå censurerat en hel del. Inget om min meltdown i fredags då jag bara vände ryggen mot min svärmor och gick min väg och satt vid ån och grät… Att säga att det är påfrestande att vara en vecka i SPanien är inte en överdrift 😦 Svärföräldrarna driver mig till vansinne, speciellt min svärmor och även om väl många kvinnor har problem med sina svärmödrar så tror jag faktiskt att min är värre än de flesta!!! Mina kompisar älskar att höra mina svärmorshistorier och visst kan jag ofta skratta åt det EFTERÅT men när jag är där, mitt uppe i det, är det bland det svåraste / jobbigaste jag varit med om!!!
Bilresan hem gick helt ok också, även om vi kom iväg ca 2h senare än planerat igår. Kom hem i helt ok tid ikväll, kl 18 och det var så skönt. Att komma i ordning lite hemma, bada V, och bara landa.
Illamåendet är för det mesta under kontroll faktiskt men så får jag helt plötsligt ett bakslag 😕
Stor kram

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