Mother’s day confusion

27 05 2013

Mother’s day is not a big deal in my family, nor in O’s family (where no special days are special – not even birthdays!) but we would at least wish my mother “Happy Mother’s day” and maybe she (!) would make a cake. A Friday end of April I noticed that the newspaper Metro, which I don’t usually read on the metro but always see the front page on the copies read by fellow passengers in the metro in the mornings, had an ad mentioning la fête des mères, I thought that it could be a nice occassion to invite our friends and neighbours C & J for a “Mother’s day fika”.

On the Sunday V and I went to the bakery and bought a lovely tarte au frangipane, and I took out my “Mother’s day 1975”-plate (flea market find from last summer). We had a really nice fika together, little M came dressed up in her cute Spanish red boots (gift from us) and V refused to take off his hat (2nd Sunday in a row when we had friends over that he insisted on wearing it indoors!)…

The following Sunday, 5th May, O announced that it was Mother’s day in Spain and I had a nagging feeling that it was the same in Belgium! So, I sent a message to our friends saying that “Opps, sorry but apparently I was mistaken last Sunday but we had a nice fika anyway, didn’t we”. Like most Sundays V and O went to the bakery to buy some “couques” (Belgian French for croissants, pains au chocolat etc), and they came home with this flyer: Moederdag on the 12th May?? Could it be that the Flemish have another Mother’s day than the French-speaking Belgians? Everything is possible in this country!!


Another rectifying text message to our friends who had probably started (?) to think that I was a little Mother’s day crazy… Later on during the day O invited them over for melon and ice cream (and beer!), celebrating Spanish Mother’s day!

When discussing the whole thing with my Belgian colleagues (who don’t have children) on the Monday after, we concluded that it was Mother’s day for the whole of Belgium (also the German part??) on the 12th May! That Sunday we were in Sweden and of course didn’t celebrate Mother’s day (but I read all the Facebook messages of friends in Belgium wishing mothers “Happy Mother’s day”).

And yesterday, it was Swedish Mother’s day and we didn’t do anything special except V and O went to buy our Sunday couques, and then they cleaned the whole apartment while I was relaxing on the sofa! Quite an ok day, and hey, we had celebrated Mother’s day twice already!


My mother became a mother for the first time in 1975 when I was born – but I was born AFTER Mother’s day that year 😉

Moral of the story: get your dates right from the beginning (and don’t trust ads in Metro), or not, this way we got to celebrate several times…




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28 05 2013

Ja du det där var inte lätt att få till korrekt. Total förvirring angående morsdag i de olika länderna. Jag trodde att Europa hade en gemensam morsdag men nu fattar jag att det inte är så. Vi har en svensk almenacka här hemma så jag kom ihåg att ringa min mamma i Sverige som blev jätteglad över att jag ringde. Till henne sa jag att jag trodde man firade morsdag samma dag i nästan hela europa. Jag hade visst fel. Ni fick iallafall fira ordentligt som fick fira två gånger.

29 05 2013

hihi, det later lite forvirrande minst sagt! :-). Men alltsa det ar inte helt latt nar man bor i utlandet och jag maste ksicka en paminndelse till mig sjalv pa telefonen varje ar for at tkomma ihag att skicka kort till mamma i slutet av maj. I england ar mors dag i mars! Men det lat valdigt trevligt att fira med god fika flera helger tycker jag sa fortsatt ni med det :-).

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