Little E is 6 weeks

17 10 2013

Little E is 6 weeks old already and I really should blog more often!

Maybe you are interested in why we named her E? Well, my maternal grandmother had the same name and as she sadly passed away just before Christmas 2010, I wanted to honour her by naming our daughter after her. What is interesting is that my grandmother (1922 – 2010) and little E are not the only ones in my family with this name:

  • my grandmother was named after her paternal grandmother, i.e my great-great grandmother, who lived 1844 – 1919.
  • the wife of my great-great-great-grandfather (1821 – 1869).
  • and my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother (1814 – 1841).

Also, on my grandmother’s mother’s side there were at least two E’s and that is just in my mother’s family! I know that on my father’s side there have been plenty of E’s as well. When searching the family tree a few years ago I came across one ancestor who was married to two E’s, not at the same time mind you.   😉

According to the family records, the E’s on my grandmother’s paternal side spelt their names with double l, while on the maternal side the name was spelt with one l. We chose to spell the name with double l, just like my grandmother’s name.

Name trivia & statistics (from

  • Origin of the name – a Swedish short version of “Helena” (Helen / Hélène / Elena) which is Greek for “torch”.
  • E with one l: 5297 women in Sweden, and out of those, 1631 live in Skåne, my region, and 683 in Stockholm…
  • E with double l: 33 women in Sweden, 23 of them in Skåne, and out of those 23 women there are 4 in both Trelleborg & Kristianstad and 3 in my hometown Eslöv.
  • In other words, it is a typical name from Skåne that is not that popular in the rest of the country!
  • However, it is also the name of a Swiss sewing machine brand!

A shop in Brussels has the same name as our daughter!