Right here, right now

7 11 2013

Some of the things occupying my mind and time at the moment:

  • V is sick AGAIN! He had a stomach bug end of October and was sent home from the creche on the Tuesday and spent the rest of the week at home with me and little E. I was chasing him to change his diaper every time there had been “an explosion”… I can think of more fun things to do! He now has a terrible cold and an eye infection, which means that he won’t go to the creche this week at all.
  • I have just realised that with V’s sick absences plus the fact that we will be in Sweden the second half of November plus two public holidays, the three (hopefully) days he will actually be at the creche next week will cost us 200 EUR per day (as we pay 600 EUR / month)!! I can think of more fun things to spend that money on but oh well… If he had been at a public creche, we would only have had to pay for the days we used.
  • O came home before 19.30 yesterday – that’s early! He is extremely busy at the moment, finishing a project that will “go live” this weekend. I am really hoping that he will work a little less / shorter days in the future.
  • V seems to be teething again, he is constantly with his fingers in his mouth and drooling like crazy!
  • I am coming down with a cold as well now and little E has had a bit of a stuffy nose for the last few days.
  • Little E turned two months on Tuesday and had a check-up at the local children’s health care centre: she weighs 4,650 kg and measures 56 cm. The doctor was impressed with how much she smiles and observes, her strong neck and that she is so calm (“Madame, it shows that you are calm and that is why the baby is calm” – they haven’t seen me get annoyed with her big brother…). She also got her first vaccinations and only cried for a short while. She had a bit of a temperature during the night following the injections but wouldn’t take the [liquid] paracetamol (and we didn’t have suppositories for her weight).
  • O and V went to Spain for the All Saints’ long weekend last week and V came home saying “huevo” for eggs (he used to call them [gi]!?) and “pintar” (draw / paint) which is his new favourite activity. He also looks me deep in the eyes and pinches my cheek – I wonder if he learnt that from his Spanish grandparents?
  • One of O’s brothers and his German wife are coming to visit us from Munich tomorrow. It’s another long weekend as Monday is a public holiday in Belgium (11th November is Armistice day (World War I)).
  • The weather has finally turned and after a wonderful beautiful autumn it is now grey and rainy. I don’t really mind, at least not when we have to stay indoors anyway because of V being ill.
  • I finally bought a double stroller, after lots of research online and looking at several options IRL, I settled for the double Maclaren Techno. It is not ideal as both children are facing forward and I would have preferred to see little E but there is a small “window” in the hood so that I can check on her and she can lie completely flat which is great. I will only use the stroller to go to pick up V from the creche and for that it serves its purpose.
  • We only have three weekends left in Brussels this year. As I said, we are going to Sweden for the second half of November and on the 19th December we will head to Spain for Christmas. We are driving to Spain over two days and I have booked the same Ibis hotel by Futuroscope outside Poitiers where we stayed on our way home from Spain at Easter. It is half-way between Brussels and Zaragoza, just by the motorway, and has a nice breakfast buffet!
  • O and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last Thursday (yes, Halloween) but the boys were going to Spain in the afternoon so we didn’t have the time to really celebrate. However, O went to buy “couques” (Belgian French word for “breakfast pastries” such as croissants, pains au chocolat etc) and we had a nice breakfast together. Last year we were in Spain and O’s sister babysat V and we went to a nice restaurant in Zaragoza called “Bula”.