Baby E is 3 weeks today!

26 09 2013

Our beautiful daughter E was born three weeks ago! A fast delivery – 2 hours of contractions at home and then 2 hours of labour in the hospital! V loves his little sister and wants to hug and kiss her and be close to her all the time.
At the moment, the kids and I are in Sweden as O had to go on a business trip to the US. The four of us flew together to Sweden last Saturday and then O left on Sunday for his trip to New Jersey and Texas. My parents, my sister and sister-in-law have helped out this week and next week O will re-join us in Sweden.
The shock of having two kids is quite stressful, mostly because I feel that I can’t give V the attention he needs while breastfeeding the baby.. She’s a very calm baby though and a great sleeper!