9. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about one of your favourite songs

9 12 2012

Well, it is soon Christmas and I have been listening to one of my old time favourite songs, which I have already mentioned a few times on the blog: Fairtyale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl! One of my favourite memories of somebody singing is from a bus ride in Bosnia in January 2001 when an Irish friend (Irish O) and a Scottish friend (E) sang this song as a duet, just like it should be!

8. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about one of your favourite pieces of clothing

9 12 2012

I remember a friend of mine who described myself and his own girlfriend as ¨cardigan girls¨ when we were back in university. That’s almost 20 years ago but it still describes my dressing style quite well! One of my favourite cardigans is a off-white cable-knit zipped Ralph Lauren cardigan. An American girl asked me last year where I had bought it as she really liked my cardigan and had tried to find it on the RL website. I had to disappoint her by telling her that I had bought it in an outlet in Puerto Rico 2-3 years ago. I think that I paid roughly $15 for it!

7. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about one of your favourite photos

7 12 2012

This is one of my favourite photos, of my grandmother and I (May, 2003). res_109-0924_IMG

We are sitting on a log overlooking the sea by my grandmother’s summerhouse on the East coast of Skane. My grandparents always had a log above the beach to sit on in the evenings, but very often people would use them as firewood… I

It is now almost two years ago that my grandmother passed away, just before Xmas, and we still miss her dearly.

When I found the kitchen towels that my grandmother had embroidered with my initials the other day, the Xmas present label was still attached to them. By the way, I think that the towels themselves were weaved by my great-grandmother but I am not sure…

6. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about the blogs that you read

6 12 2012

I read a lot of blogs, but nowadays I don’t have as much time to comment as I would like. Most of the blogs that I follow are written by other Expat & Ex-Expat Swedes, but I also read interior design blogs. What all the blogs have in common is that they are written by Swedes! Hm, maybe I need to broaden my blog horizons?

Not the Swedish flag but looks like it!

PS I have a 1,5 day team building with the office this week so I have had to schedule some of these posts…

5. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about who you were a year ago

5 12 2012

A year ago I had only been a mother for 3 months! Motherhood was actually easier than I expected, probably because V was a very easy baby. No colic, he hardly ever cried – well, except for when changing his nappy and giving him a batch, big drama every time! And for his second and third month he would only sleep on top of me, which meant that I didn’t really lie down when sleeping for 2-3 months.

I expected to be a more worried mother but I think that I have been pretty relaxed. It can be confusing when receiving different baby advice from Belgium, Sweden and Spain but I have tried to use comment sense and do whatever felt best for V and us.

A year ago V and I were just returning from our first visit to Sweden and on our way to Spain to visit V’s Spanish family for a whole month. Even though I think that I have been a relaxed new mother, that month in Spain was one of the hardest times in my life because of the cultural clashes between myself and my mother-in-law. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to spend a full month with your [Spanish] mother-in-law when you are full of hormones after just having given birth and while breastfeeding, if you don’t get along really really well with her…


4. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about a person that you admire

4 12 2012

I will have to say that I admire O! He has been working so hard on renovating our apartment since end of August, and yesterday he finally finished laying down the wooden floor in V’s room! Now we – what am I saying, “we”?? I mean O has to paint the walls and ceiling, assemble the wardrobe and then I will finally get to DECORATE! I feel guilty about not having been able to help at all, but I have been responsible for minding V… Unfortunately I can’t show you any photos of V’s room yet as I still can’t upload photos to this old laptop.

The floor is untreated oak, and you can see part of our bedroom floor in the photo below.


3. Blog Advent Calendar: Tell something about your best friend

3 12 2012

Who is my best friend? I don’t have one best friend, I have several:

  • my oldest friend Å whom I have known since I was born (as she was born 1,5 months before me), she lives in Copenhagen
  • my first friend in Eslöv when we moved there in 1990, L, who nowadays lives in the south of France
  • my best neighbour O whose family used to live next door to my parents, O and I lived together in Geneva. He now lives in Oslo, Norway
  • O’s and my best friend in Puerto Rico, Swedish B who still lives there
  • my dear English friend A with whom I went to school with in England in 1988/89, who lives in Australia
  • my French friend P No 1 with whom I studied in Italy, she lives in Geneva
  • my Irish friend R who was my first friend in Brussels – she now lives in Italy
  • my two Spanish “brothers”; my first Spanish friend R who now works in Sudan and my first Spanish colleague M who has moved back to Madrid from Brussels
  • last but most important: my Spanish husband O

Ice cream in Trollsjön
O 6 years ago
I guess what I can tell about all of these very dear friends of mine (and many others who I haven’t mentioned) is that they all have or still live abroad!