Something’s growing and it ain’t just the flowers…

1 07 2011

The flowers in the middle are supposed to be red sunflowers but so far we haven’t seen any in bloom. The dry stuff sticking up on the right is heather (ljung) from last winter – there are a few new flowers so I didn’t have the heart to throw it away even though it doesn’t look very pretty.

I guess it is high time that I “come out” on the blog with what else is growing here in Brussels:

A little half Spaniard / half Swede is due to arrive the first week of October

100 days left today and let’s hope that it will be more or less that and not a lot less – one of the reasons why I have kept quiet about it is because there is a risk of a premature arrival. So I am on medical leave and trying to take it as easy as possible at home, which means that I am keeping mostly a horizontal position reading, sleeping and … well, not much else!


We call him Sweet Pea for now, just like the tangle of flowers above, as I am Sweetie Pie according to O and P No 2 according to my French friend P No 1 who lives in Geneva. Lots of P[eas] 😉

Any advice on how to avoid the basil getting these hard shiny leaves? I told the gardener, O, to remove the flowers but it didn’t seem to have worked.

So there you have it, the reason why the blogging has been very sporadic the past 6 months. The first 3-4 months I was just so low in energy, feeling nauseous, extremely hungry but no appetite, sleepy, etc. And now when I feel fine physically, I have to keep still and worry about Sweet Pea not staying inside for as long as he should.


28 01 2011

It seems that my future might be decided today! Keep your fingers crossed and I will let you know more once I, myself know more…

An art project from my school year in England 1988-89 – the wall paper in my room back in Sweden was white with red stripes. Probably the most creative thing I have made 😉


25 01 2011

I am planning to write a post about mixed tapes very soon, but until I am back you can try to figure out where I am from this photo:


I am almost somewhere mentioned on one of my old tapes…

Born to be a traveller?

20 01 2011

Maybe my parents knew from very early on that I would be a traveller… This was probably my first “hand bag”:


A notice board from the past…

18 01 2011

When I was at home during the holidays, I tried to clean out “my room” at my parents’s place. The funny thing is that it has never been my room – it has been my aunt’s (when the house belonged to my grandparents), my brother’s, my sister’s / and again my brother’s and then my sister’s room… I don’t know why everybody calls it my room, maybe because it is full of my stuff!?


Approximately 17 years after I left home for the first time (I did go back to live with my parents a few times after that) I managed to empty the old desk. There is still quite a lot left to sort out, next time I am home maybe. However, I didn’t have the heart to clear out the old notice board…


Quite faded and with a few “holes” where things have fallen off, but still such a nostalgic thing to look at!

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1 09 2010

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7 08 2010

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